Kick Off 2023 With These New Math Games! — February 2023


Kick Off 2023 With These New Math Games! — February 2023

(Reminder: all new games are introduced first, with a few featured further below with more images and in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades K-2

Use Addition to Make 10 to build exceptional bridges in River Town. Find Constructions: River Town featured further on in this post.

Visit the enchanted forest of the MathSlimes and learn how to use Place Value: Hundreds, Tens, and Ones by harvesting apples.

Travel across the universe in the Super Spaceship and collect all the stolen numbers. Learn how to Count to 100 and save the day! Play Alien Number Abduction: Count to 100 to accomplish this mission.

New in Grades 3-5 

Learn about Comparison of Fractions by solving puzzles in space. Find Fraction Planet featured further in this post.

Become an expert in Fluently Adding or Subtracting within 1000 by helping our little alien friend power the engine of the spaceship. Find Crate Breaker: Total Maker featured further on in this post.

Learn how to use Fractional Values with a Line Plot by classifying the leftover pieces of cake in Pastry Delicacy.

Learn the basics of Place Value by assembling your very own robot in the Bots R Us factory in Numbots.

Use your math skills in Cafematica to learn more about Comparing Decimals to The Thousandths Place and achieve success in the busiest coffee shop in the town!

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Constructions: River Town — Kindergarten Math (Addition to Make 10)


Game screenshot and description:

River Town needs your help! Learn the concept of addition to 10 by rebuilding bridges over the river. Count how many bridge parts are missing and order new ones to reconnect the River Town with the help of a bridge Buddy robot.


Fraction Planet — Elementary Math (Comparison of Fractions)


Game screenshot and description:

By solving fraction puzzles, the player has to help their alien friend “Trio” and Trio’s robot to find their spaceship parts that are hidden on Fraction Planet, .


Crate Breaker: Total Maker — Elementary Math (Fluently Add or Subtract within 1000)

Game screenshot and description:

Your rocket is running out of fuel! Break the crates to release the stars and re-power your engines. You’ll secure your understanding of place value and develop fluency in addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers while you complete each level. But plan each move carefully; collecting too many starts could spell disaster!


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new math games in your queue! 

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