Soaring into Review Season – May 2021


New In Grades 3-5

It’s review season at school, and we have excellent new games for big topics like Earth and the Solar System and Properties of Matter. We have huge space nerds here at Legends of Learning, so we are especially excited for the new games about Earth and space. 

An Alien’s Guide to the Solar System is as fun as its name – plenty of lovely minigames for your students to explore the solar system with some foreign friends. Gameplay is smooth, and the material and gameplay arrives at a pace accessible to any student. Within the same Earth and the Solar System learning objective, Space Domes Resort is another tremendous game for your students. Live in a future where you can relax as a hero at a resort in outer space, and use your knowledge of space to save the day even while on vacation. After playing both of these games, you will have a classroom full of aspiring astronauts! Find more information on Space Domes Resort later in the post. 

Learning about the solar system would be very difficult without an understanding of the properties of matter. Come back down to earth with a humble game Laboratory Mess following a janitor who has witnessed a terrible explosion in his building. We love how this game allows the student to solve puzzles in an open-ended manner, using clues they find in each room they enter. Laboratory Mess is a great choice for your students to better understand the properties of matter, and you can find more information on this game further down.

New In Grades 6-8

Middle school teachers, we know you love the grandiosity of the solar system, and you also love the small things, like atoms and elements. Why not combine them both? That is exactly what Space Repair brings to your classroom! Satellites need to be repaired, and students will need to apply knowledge on the structure of atoms to use the right materials and get the job done. The presentation and art in this game is beautiful, with gameplay that will be approachable for everyone in your classroom. Find Space Repair featured at the end of this post.

Do not worry! We have new life science content here for you too. In Microlives, students will be welcomed to the tiny world of cells! On the agenda you will find the characteristics of how different types of cells live and reproduce. Even little things need to know how to thrive in a microscopic world!

We have exciting news about some of our older games too: a beloved character in our library of games, Ms. Rose, is coming with better technical performance and new features like text to speech and save checkpoints! Ms. Rose and Photosynthesis is the first game fully updated, with others such as Ms. Rose and the Milky Way and Ms. Rose and Our Solar System right around the corner. We can’t wait for your students to enjoy a more reliable experience while playing these classics. 

Math teachers, our game developers have not forgotten about you! One of our favorite games in our middle school suite, Wizard vs Orcs has also been updated with better controls and stronger technical performance for your students’ Chromebooks.


A Closer Look at New Games

Space Domes Resort – Elementary Science (Earth and the Solar System)


Game card for Space Domes Resort


Teacher Reviews:


Teacher Reviews for Space Domes Resort

Game screenshots and more info:

The famous Space Hero is finally on vacation and he’s going to the Space Domes Resort! Eris, the Artificial Intelligence resort manager, will be your host and she will teach you everything about the stars, the sun, the solar system and the Earth! But beware, a hidden threat is waiting and the Earth could be in danger!

Laboratory Mess – Elementary Science (Properties of Matter)



Teacher Reviews:


Game screenshots and more info:

You must help the Doctor after the explosion in his laboratory! Solve puzzles using the properties of matter to find the Doctor and evacuate the building!




Space Repair – Middle Science (Atoms and Elements)



Teacher Reviews:


Game screenshots and more info:

A crazy solar storm disrupted communication networks on Earth! Satellites are disabled and need to be repaired. You’re given a new spacecraft capable of synthesizing materials needed for satellite repair. Learn about atoms’ structure and test your skills while saving humanity from disaster!












We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email


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