A Coalition of New Games for the New School Year — September 2021


We’re feeling spicy to start this new school year because we have a mind-blowing 24 new games for you! Let us share with you what’s hot! 

New In Grades 3-5

It’s the beginning of the school year, which means science classes are discussing a cornerstone of their curriculum: the scientific method! 

  • Scientific Coalition is a must-add to your scientific method assignments. Players will love the space battle that opens the game before conducting an experiment within the space station they are protecting. The graphics are excellent and the concepts are all clearly presented, making this an excellent game for all levels of learners in your classroom! Find this game featured later in this post. 

In elementary earth and space science, we have two new games for your classroom this fall: 

  • Hurricanes are devastating for everyone affected, all the wildfires on the west coast are terrifying, and tornadoes that routinely touch ground across the country are horrible natural hazards. A very practical science lesson is learning how to mitigate their impact on our people. Look no further than Hazardville, a very approachable but engaging game for students to learn about this topic. 
  • The upcoming seasonal change to autumn is perfect context for your students to learn about the Earth in the Solar System and how the Earth’s positioning drives the patterns we experience on the planet. Check out Back to the Moon and you’ll love both the journey and the destination!

We’re excited to introduce two more games for elementary life science

  • Food provides animals with the materials for body repair, growth and energy to maintain body warmth and physical movement. All animals need food — even animals as simple as bunnies! Play A Bunny’s Life and help your furry friend stay safe from predators while finding enough food to power its daily life processes. 
  • Food for animals is one thing, but how does energy move through all elements of life? Let’s break out the food web charts in Digiworld Adventure: Learn Food Webs in an adventure that will span many organisms and ecosystems!

Physical science is the winner among the elementary sciences with three new games this month! 

  • Let’s start with introductory concepts of forces and motion with Bot Lab: Forces and Motion. Join the robot crew to keep the laboratory as productive as possible! 
  • Now let’s move up in complexity to collisions and forces. Flick a Marble is a game that all your students will love as they well, flick a marble at a target goal. The game design is simple but the challenges throughout truly help all learners better experience the forces of collisions. 
  • Changing gears, Earthquake! is a very cool experience for learning about the concepts of wave motion. How good are you at predictions? Can you figure out when—and how powerfully—an earthquake will hit Square City? Triangulation is the key!

3rd grade math teachers, hope you’re feeling groovy, because we have (6!!) new games already to start the school year. 

  • In Area Zone, students will learn the principle that area can be measured in unit squares. Travel with the character Floatey to save the Block Kingdom from the Zone Bandit!
  • If our planet was alive and ate food, what would it eat? Well, I guess its only options would be asteroids and the minerals from other rocks floating around in space. In Planetary Gourmet, help feed the Planet King, who is very picky about how his food quantities are expressed in fraction form. 
  • What would you do if you were transformed into a wolf? Obviously, you would go become an expert into multiplication and division concepts that are the building blocks of the spell to reverse this condition. Best of luck, and enjoy the journey in XanDivide
  • Heads up, these next three games’ theme is baking, so don’t be surprised if you’re craving baked goodies after reading this. In Slothy’s Bakery, help your friend run their new bakery. There’s a secret strategy to success: understanding fractions of cakes and desserts. Make sure to get each order correct!
  • A little-known fact about dinosaurs, particularly the T-Rexes, is that they loved to bake for each other. Experience a different kind of jurassic park in Dino Bakery and continue your mastery of fractions with baked goods. 
  • Fast forward to the modern era, and of course humans have mastered the craft of baking (look no further than the Great British Baking Show!). In Cakey Master, can you use all the skills you have learned in both baking and fractions and become the head chef baker? (Don’t worry, Paul Hollywood won’t be in the game to judge you). 

Hopping up to 4th grade, there’s one new game for a lesson on dividing using four-digit dividends: 

  • Two robots are on a mission to find each other in Robo Raucous, and you’ll learn about how strategies for division will help them accomplish their mission!

Let’s wrap up new elementary game content with one new game for 5th grade math

Do you know of any heroes in the Avengers or Justice League that use a coordinate plane to help them save the day? They might not show it on screen, but all heroes start with knowledge on how items can be mapped relative to each other with standard axes. In The Coordinated Hero, channel your heroics to stop dangerous robbers with the power of graphing coordinates!

New In Grades 6-8

Our middle school science suite also has new scientific method games perfect for the start of the school year: 

  • Scientific Alliance is the middle school version of Scientific Coalition mentioned for elementary science. Players will love the space battle that opens the game before conducting an experiment within the space station they are protecting. The graphics are excellent and the concepts are all clearly presented, making this an excellent game for all levels of learners in your classroom!
  • You just crash-landed on an abandoned mining planet! How do you save your life by managing your resources? Use Lost at the Forever Mine as a perfect gameplay scenario for *calmly* working through the scientific method, as your life depends on it…

Get out your hiking boots because there three new adventures ready for earth science:

  • In Water Dog, use magical temperature powers to change the state of water formations and engage with the components of the Water Cycle. There’s beauty in navigating one of the most important processes on Earth! Find this game featured further below in this post.
  • In Tectonic Designers, help a friendly alien in a set of challenges to create a functional planet, using the building blocks of plate tectonics. What do you think this planet will look like?
  • Can you speak the name of the wind for it to follow your commands, changing the course of weather patterns as a result? Give it your best shot and learn about weather and climate factors in Wind Simulator!

Wrapping up the list of new games this month, there are three new games for middle school physical science:

  • Few people are important enough in science to have multiple laws named after their discoveries, so let’s take Newton seriously. Dive into an experience on Newton’s First and Second Laws in another edition of Bot Lab. You and your robot crew are tasked with keeping the laboratory productive, using Newton’s Laws as your own. Don’t be the one who shuts down the entire laboratory due to negligence! 
  • Magnets are crazy, we all know it. Invisible force fields? Come on. Play Magnet Hunt and you’ll find that magnetic fields are fully present when finding buried objects. Opposites attract, after all!
  • Less crazy, but more mesmerizing, we love the repeating patterns of waves. So soothing. So how do they work? Check out Wave Combinator to learn about wavelength, frequency, and amplitude, all of the properties of waves.

A Closer Look at New Games

Scientific Coalition — Elementary Science (Scientific Method)

Teacher Reviews*:

Game screenshots and more info:

Meet the human scientist and discover the scientific method by conducting research on a futuristic space station!

Hazardville — Elementary Science (Natural Hazards)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and more info:

Help the mayor of Hazardville to save her city from natural hazards! Build or upgrade structures in order to deal with thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and even a volcanic eruption!

Water Dog — Middle Science (The Water Cycle)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and more info:

Use magical temperature powers to change the state of water formations and save the world!


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email support@legendsoflearning.com.


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