New Games to Knock it Out the Park this Season – April 2021


New In Grades 3-5

It’s Spring, and that means happier, brighter days with more wildlife celebrating the warmth with us outside. Foster all the energy from life outside with the game Food Webs to feed your students’ curiosity about how animals and plants are related. 

The Suez Canal is no longer blocked, so get your students packing a ship in Roboshipping  for trade to refuel the world economy! Goods must be packed efficiently, so understanding rectangular areas is key for a maximum value. Roboshipping is an excellent addition to any lesson on Calculating Areas of Rectangles. This is not the only exciting new elementary math game. Whole Haulers and Food Fraction help introduce fractions concepts to students, while The Rounding Balloon Shop is an excellent guide for rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. And if understanding basic multiplication is on your schedule, go include Multiplying Store in your assignment for the lesson. Find Roboshipping and Multiplying Store featured later in this post.

Elementary teachers, that’s 1 new science and 5 new math games to stimulate your students this Spring season!


Round to the nearest hundreds in Rounding Balloon Shop

New In Grades 6-8

Other Spring excitement for many Americans comes from the start of the baseball season. You may love America’s Pastime for the hot dogs or the sweet sound of a bat hitting a ball, but baseball is a game filled with numbers. In particular, decimals. Understanding the numbers behind baseball requires knowing how to do arithmetic with decimals. Look no further than Decimal Discovery, a great space-themed adventure covering adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. Find more information about this game later in the blog. You’ll be knocking it out of the park with this game in your lesson plan!


Adding fractions in the game Decimal Discovery

New In STEM / Career Training Education

We hear about the importance of sustainability all the time. But what are the actual applications of this? Fishing Rush examines fish as a limited resource, and how many fishing communities are learning to balance individual and collective needs through cooperative decisions. The fishing gameplay is a blast, and it’s an important educational topic for any of your real-world lessons.


Sustainably catch fish in the game Fishing Rush

A Closer Look at New Games

Roboshipping – Elementary Math (Area of Rectangles)


Description and ratings for the game Roboshipping on the Legends of Learning platform.


Teacher Reviews:

Written teacher reviews for the game Roboshipping.

Game screenshots and more info:

Hurry, the delivery cannot be late! Play as a cargo ship worker whose job is to fully load containers with robots before they get shipped overseas. It is critical that the robots are loaded efficiently, so come ready to exercise knowledge of rectangular areas!

Use unit squares to find the area of a robot in its shipping container.

Label the total area of a robot in its shipping contaier.

Multiplying Store – Elementary Math (Basic Multiplication)


Description and ratings for the game Multiplying Store on the Legends of Learning platform.


Teacher Reviews:

Written teacher reviews for the game Multiplying Store.

Game screenshots and more info:

Help Golem buy apples and get a discount at the Rook’s Multiplying Store by solving riddles about basic multiplication! The story guides the player through interactive tasks located in a 3D world.

Repeated addition is the building block of multiplication. Splitting cucumbers into equal groups to represent multiplication.




Decimal Discovery – Middle Math (Arithmetic with Decimals)


Description and ratings for the game Decimal Discovery.


Teacher Reviews:

Written teacher reviews for Decimal Discovery.

Game screenshots and more info:

Enter the  alien world of Barlingons and take control of an abandoned spaceship that belongs to an intelligent species called humans! You’re on a team of smart pilots to fly the spaceship to Earth and learn the knowledge of mathematics from humans. In order to disintegrate the obstacles on your way, learn about decimal numbers and how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide them!

Learning to add decimals in the game Decimal Discovery. Learning to Multiply Decimals in Decimal Discovery.











We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

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