Kick Off 2023 With These New Science Games! — February 2023


Kick Off 2023 With These New Science Games!

(Reminder: all new games are introduced first, with a few featured further below with more images and in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades K-2

Work as a volunteer caring for fascinating plants and animals to learn more about the Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms. Meet their needs to help them grow in Tinypets: Evolution.

New in Grades 3-5 

Learn about Forces and Motion by pulling and pushing supplies in a factory. Find Dr. Barkley’s Force Factory featured further on in this post.

Learn how to use the Coordinate Plane by helping these little bots on their farm in Veggie Quadrant Guardian.

Use the fantastic Super Satellights to solve puzzles and learn more about Electromagnetic Radiation.

It’s Summer! Let’s make some snow cones while learning about the Conservation of Matter and its states at the Snow Cone Festival!

New in Grades 6-8 

Swim and dive in the water to learn more about The Water Cycle. Find Dive into The Water Cycle featured further on in this post.

Play as a water droplet and learn about The Water Cycle by experiencing this amazing adventure. Find Super Droplet Cycle featured further on in this post.

Help The Water Cycle run smoothly at Cloud Catchers Academy.

Become a scientist by testing and validating your hypothesis! use The Friction Quest: A Scientific Method Adventure to learn more about the Scientific Method.

3, 2, 1… Launch! Help Jim recover his memory and learn more about Gravity and the birth of our Solar System. Be the Gravity Hero.

Learn how Potential Energy is constantly transferring around us in Stored Energy.

Choose the most suitable Adaptations and traits possible to evolve and prevail in The Arc – A Path to Survival.

Earth needs your help! Click as fast as possible to implement more ecological solutions in Climate Clicker Global. Learn more about Climate Change and how we can our planet!

Join Lynn, our friend from outer space, to explore The Water Cycle and Weather Patterns. Learn more about how the states of water affect our weather and become a Weather Explorer!

Work in the woods to help animals recover their Adaptations and traits. Save our animal friends in Survival Agency.

Become a farmer and breed chickens and harvest crops in Eco Farm. Learn more about Interactions in Ecosystems while simulating life as a farmer.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Dr. Barkley’s Force Factory — Elementary Science (Forces and Motion)

Game screenshot and description:

Dr. Barkley needs your help! Through the use of forces & motion, players will operate machinery in order to assist the Doc in moving supplies.


Dive into The Water Cycle — Middle Science (The Water Cycle)

Game screenshot and description:

Dive into the water cycle with this fun game where you play as a fish swimming and diving in the water while learning everything about the water cycle! Enjoy the gameplay and simulations where you create the environments that make the water cycle possible.


Super Droplet CycleMiddle Science (The Water Cycle)
















Game screenshot and description:

Follow a droplet on its journey through the water cycle! Evaporate in the ocean, condense in a cloud, and fall from the sky as precipitation… and then come back to the ocean through the runoff!


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

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