May the Force of Learning Be With These New Math Games — May 2023


May the Force of Learning Be With These New Math Games — May 2023

(Reminder: all new games are introduced first, with a few featured further below with more images and in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades k-2

The kingdom needs you! Learn how to solve Basic Addition and Subtraction Equations in MathSlime 2: Rebuild the Village, clean up the mess, and bring nature back to life.

New in Grades 3-5

In order to escape, you need to understand the Visual Models of Equivalent Fractions with the help of Maki, the celestial guardian. Find Fraction Dungeon Escape featured further on in this post.

Join Here and Maya in their adventure to protect the kingdom! Learn how to Divide Using Four Digit Dividends, explore magical levels, and solve complex challenges! Find Hero’s Journey featured further on in this post.

Use your ‘Quadrilateral Crusher’ to destroy polygons-shaped asteroids and save our planet. Understand the Common Attributes of 2D Figures in AstroShape 2D.

Destroy all the Blobs and learn how to Multiply Four By One And Two Digit Numbers to avoid chaos in space in Attack on Blob: Mega Multiply.

New in Grades 6-8

Help Telebot return to its friends, learn how to Solve Problems With Proportions Including Percentages, and figure out the security codes to open the gates. Find Telebot Awakening featured further on in this post.

Learn how to Write And Evaluate Expressions With Exponents by hitting boxes with your spaceship in Space Adventure.

It’s your turn! Throw the dice and Understand Probability by playing the brand-new board game: Reach for the Stars.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Fraction Dungeon Escape — Elementary Math (Visual Models of Equivalent Fractions)

Game screenshot and description:

Fraction Dungeon Escape is a point-and-click adventure game about equivalent fractions. Escape and unlock the secrets of the mysterious dungeon with the help of a celestial guardian named Maki. Solve puzzles related to equivalent fractions and overcome obstacles in your quest for freedom.

Hero’s Journey — Elementary Math (Divide Using Four Digits Dividends)

Game screenshot and description:

Will Hero be able to use his mathematical skills to save his kingdom and become the greatest hero of all time? In a world of forests and castles, you will have to use the division to advance in the stages. Division with 2 to 4 digits, use the area model and apply the distributive and other facilities to reach the result.

Telebot Awakening — Middle Math (Solve Problems With Proportion Including Percentage)

Game screenshot and description:

Explore a dark, abandoned space station and solve multi-step Ratio and Percentage problems to help Telebot return to its friends. Players will reprogram digital numerals to match security codes by solving equation-like puzzles. The game’s length depends mostly on the player’s math skills.

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new math games in your queue! 

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