Keep Your Students Math Skills Sharp With These Games! — August 2022


With the new school year about to heat up, it might be time to refresh your students math skills! Play these math games to stay sharp coming out of summer break!

(Reminder: all games are introduced first. Scroll below to see images and more in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades 3-5

Land hooo! Say ahoy matey as the pirate exploring various islands in search of a true treasure — multiplication knowledge — in Pirate’s Math! If you can interpret products of whole numbers, you can count your treasure more quickly after all! Find Pirate’s Math featured further on in this post.

New in Grades 6-8

Become a member of the Disaster Deduction Detectives and help prevent disasters using statistical data! Students will learn to calculate the mean and median as well as record data, make data visualizations, and analyze it to make important real world related decisions. Find Disaster Deduction Detectives featured further on in this post.

Recommendation for Grade K-2

Learn how to count with our highest rated kindergarten game: Counting Wilderness! Tap on the number of the chosen animal, hidden in each scene. In this fast paced and colorful kid friendly counting game. Find Counting Wilderness featured further on in this post.

Updates to Existing Games in Grades 3-5

Master Divisor has been upgraded to allow saving and loading and text to speech. This game is an excellent tool to teach students how to divide fractions by whole numbers. Find Master Divisor featured further on in this post.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Pirate’s Math — Elementary Math (Basic Multiplication)

Game screenshots and description:

The pirate arrives on different islands to solve multiplication problems and become the smartest pirate known in all the lands!


Disaster Deduction Detectives — Middle Math (Measures of Central Tendency and Variation)

Game screenshots and description:

Disaster Deduction Detectives is a four-level game to teach mean, median and basic statistics in context. Students will learn how data tracking and analysis can support important decisions made in real-world scenarios. Through the game, students will be introduced to the concepts of statistical questions and data as well as ways to analyze them. Students will then calculate the mean and median using multiple real-world data sets. Students will be introduced to data visualization through dot plots, variability and the concept of outliers.

Counting Wilderness — Kindergarten Math (Relationship Between Numbers and Quantities )

Game screenshots and description:

In the wilds of the space hills lie many types of different animals. A scientist wants to study the number of friendly animals present in the wilds. Count the number of a certain animal by tapping on it when they all pop up in a group. Friendly animals become sad when they are tapped but are not the correct animal. In this game by Zap Zap Math, learn to count to 10 by using friendly animals.


Master Divisor — Elementary Math (Divide Unit Fractions By Whole Numbers )

Game screenshots and description:

Use your master skills of division of fractions to solve real world problems!

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new math games in your queue! 

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