A Month to be Thankful for New Science Games — November 2021


A month to be thankful….for new science games in your Legends of Learning assignments! Here are FOUR new science games, plus SIX more that have been updated with better gameplay!

New In Grades 3-5

  • These longer winter nights might be giving you more time to look up into the sky and ponder the existence of our universe. Let’s go on an adventure up to the cosmos in Beyond the Galaxy. The universe is just a fun setting to learn about Chemical Reactions. How about that for a crazy field trip idea?

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 3-5

  • Welcome to Sol Station (The Universe and Its Stars), a long-time fan favorite, has been upgraded with our latest feature: save and load checkpoints! It also has improved art, animations, and audio.
  • Scientific Adventure (Scientific Method) has been improved with various gameplay enhancements and sound quality.

New In Grades 6-8

  • Why do you think cats have 9 lives? I heard it’s because they are secretly scientists studying properties of atoms and molecules, and their experiments can get dangerous. Regardless if that’s true, join some feline friends in Purrfect Potions and become an expert in hairballs, err I mean gases and liquids!
  • Let’s discuss all states of matter and their structure in the Molecular World. Here, everything is made of molecules, but everything is a puzzle too! Make sure you retain all your molecules as you navigate each puzzle.
  • Let’s break from the physical sciences, but stay at the molecular level and explore the intricate world of genes and traits. Dr. Genos’s DNA World: Learn Genes and Traits will be the right adventure your class needs to engage with the relationship between genes and traits, and even discover the effect of mutations to genes.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 6-8

  • Tiny Ecosystem (Food Webs in an Ecosystem) has fixed a web-error commonly experienced on Chromebooks, and has also been improved with various content and gameplay enhancements.
  • Microlives (Cells and Life) has added newer animations for students to better visualize the components of cells.
  • Water Dog (The Water Cycle) is now a better experience for students, simplifying some levels whose puzzles were too difficult, and adding 30 seconds to the timer for each level.
  • Scientific Alliance (Scientific Method) has been improved with various gameplay enhancements and sound quality.

A Closer Look at New Games


Purrfect Potions — Middle Science (Gases and Liquids)


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Help Lana the Potion Master and her assistant Pebbles to create some “purrfect” potions. Use your knowledge about the movement of fluids and gases to earn lots of stars!



Dr. Genos’s DNA World: Learn Genes and Traits — Middle Science (Genes and Traits)


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Go on an adventure inside a virtual world and learn about genes and traits together with Dr. Genos!



Beyond the Galaxy — Elementary Science (Chemical Reactions)


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The game takes the student through a journey across the Galaxy. Each level teaches a different concept in chemical reactions using experiments and fun minigames!



We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email support@legendsoflearning.com.


*Teacher Reviews: don’t forget that you earn Rewards Points for every review you write! So be sure to leave your feedback: you help other teachers pick the right games, you help students to get the best material available, you help us to learn which games we should make more of and you’ll help yourself to some well-deserved rewards! Talk about saving the day!

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