Math Gaming into 2022 be like… — January 2022


Happy New Year! To start the new year in math, let’s highlight FOUR updated math games. We’d also like to mention three other “fan-favorite” games that should have your attention this year. May your 2022 be packed with Legends of Learning assignments full of these games 🙂

Updates to Existing Games In Grades K-2

  • Fortune’s 10, covering Addition to Make 10, has been updated to fix various performance errors that were blocking students from playing the game to completion.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 3-5

  • In Understanding Whole Number Division, Mad-th Trolls in The Sledgehammer of Division has a huge feature upgrade to save player progress and show text in Spanish (when chosen). From a general gameplay perspective, the game studio has added a navigation system and mini-map to smooth out the gaming experience.
  • A special shout out to Jungle Kong, a game for Basic Multiplication and Division Word Problems. The developer quickly responded to a request from a school administrator to better label a page with academic content, which we’ll show further below in this post.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 6-8

  • A personal favorite, Irrational Veggies from Outer Space! has a plethora of adjustments to improve the gameplay experience for your students. Achievements are now stored in the user profile, and a finite practice mode has been added. Players can go directly to fight the veggies instead of taking the whole lecture, which is especially useful for anyone who has already played the game, or is re-starting from an earlier session. The game better renders dialogs in Spanish, and a more accurate Spanish translation is provided. This game covers the topic Understand Irrational Numbers.

Fan Favorite Math Games to Use in 2022

  • Necromather – Destroy the Invasion  is one of the most popular games on our platform, and it covers Calculating Area topics in grades 3-5. Invoke the power of area to destroy hordes of monsters attacking your graveyard! 

  • Personal Financial Literacy was one of the useful classes of my memory, and it continues to be a critical part of all student curriculum. Add Money Flow to your next assignment, and it will turn all the “dry” concepts of taxes, income and budgets into a game experience to remember.

  • What is the probability that you add all of the above games to assignments this year AND have a great time with your students as they play? Obviously 100%. But in case my calculation is off, Probability Quest is an excellent choice to engage with concepts surrounding Compound Probability.

A Closer Look at Updated Games Games


Jungle Kong — Elementary Math ( Basic Multiplication And Division Word Problems)

Teacher Reviews*:

Game screenshots and description. The screenshot on the left denotes part of the original game, while on the right denotes the change following feedback from a school admin. The feedback was to better label each part of the multiplication sentence to better represent the ask of the word problem.

Learn the basics of multiplication by helping Kong collect bananas and solve problems!


Irrational Veggies from Outer Space! — Middle Math (Understand Irrational Numbers)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and description:

Feeling irrational? So do the Veggies from outer space, and they’ve come to rule the galaxy. Dispatch the veggies back where they come from and save your bunny planet. You’ll have to identify rational and irrational numbers to use your powers and be able to fight back!


Mad-th Trolls in The Sledgehammer of Division — Elementary Math (Understanding Whole Number Division)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and description:

A fun interactive semi-open world RPG for learning the basics of divisions! Help Broc recover the Gems of Wisdom that had been taken by their fellow hungry Trolls. Find the Sledgehammer of Division and the 3 Gems of Wisdom to restore the power of Mental Math among the Trolls.


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email


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