Relax Into Summer Learning – June 2021


New In Grades 3-5

Feeling the summer heat? Elementary math teachers, we’re coming in HOT with new games for your classroom. 

Lines and shapes are everywhere around us. It’s amazing what architects and designers can do with sound knowledge of geometry. Medieval Adventure and Triangle INC are here for your students to build their foundational geometry knowledge, learning how to differentiate shapes based on lines and angles. In Triangle INC, learn to design and manufacture triangular and quadrilateral toys — do you have what it takes to be part of the best geometric toy maker in the galaxy? Or perhaps some of your students prefer the fantasy setting of Medieval Adventure? If you look close enough, rooted in all charms, spells, and heroic adventures is shape differentiation. 

Don’t be a square by ignoring these games! 

Let’s get back to the basics with games for fractions and basic multiplication and division. Fracture is a well-designed game that will take your students into the forest foraging for mushrooms and flowers to fraction into potions. Sharpen your multiplication and division by helping released caged toucans back to wildlife! Release the Toucans is your next mission!

New In Grades 6-8

Middle school students will go into next school year slaying their fraction and decimal problems, because this summer Odyssey: Rex-Calibur and Astro Miner will guide them to mathematical prowess. Both of these games remind us of why we are here to synchronize games and academic learning. Inspired by King Arthur’s tale, Odyssey: Rex-Calibur will have your students exploring the lands of their kingdom with fraction division as their guide to become worthy of the sword that will bring peace to their rule. Decimal precision is the name of the game if you want to be a successful space explorer. You need to be exact if you’re going to discover vital resources across distant ends of the galaxy in Astro Miner!

Maybe you are a scientist who wants to stick to exploring within our own atmosphere – that’s okay too! Diamond Hunter invites you to search for diamonds locked away and protected by gross slime. Let states of matter and their structure be your guide here!

Updates to existing games – based on your feedback!

Basketball Master is a staple for student assessment across many topics, and we know this game has had various technical difficulties in the past, from sticky controls to frequent freezing and crashing. We are excited to report this game has been adjusted to address these issues! Our expectation is that this game will be a more reliable contributor to assessments in your assignments moving forward. 

Ms. Rose continues to come with better technical performance and new features like text to speech and save checkpoints! An additional 5 Ms. Rose games have been upgraded for performance and up to date features: 1) Ms. Rose and the Fossil Record 2) Ms. Rose & Common Ancestry 3) Ms. Rose & Reference Frames and Units 4) Ms. Rose & Atoms and Elements 5) Ms. Rose & Landforms

Another older fan favorite, Flash Card Time: Human Body System, has also been upgraded for technical performance and up to date text to speech and save checkpoints! Find this game in middle school life science, multicellular organisms and their subsystems.


A Closer Look at New Games

Medieval Adventure – Elementary School Math (Differentiate Shapes Based on Lines and Angles)



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In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a brave knight. Embrace this adventure helping him fulfill his quests and defeat fantastic creatures, in a world where enchantments and rituals are ruled by geometry knowledge!

This game is the first game made by this developer for Legends of Learning! Go support Joao from Brazil by getting this game to your students!

Release the Toucan – Elementary School Math (Basic Multiplication And Division Word Problems)



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Prepare yourself for the challenge of releasing Toucans back to wildlife using multiplication and division! Be sure to get the right number of coconuts needed for the task! The barrel cannons will be your tool, and multiplication and division is your guide!





Astro Miner – Middle School Math (Arithmetic with Decimals)

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Explore the galaxy in search of planets to mine vital resources! Fight your way through countless asteroids using the power of arithmetic with decimals. Discover the source of a very strange signal on a distant planet…












We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email


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