Bring Fun into Your Classroom with These New Science Games — March 2023


Bring Fun into Your Classroom with These New Science Games — March 2023

(Reminder: all new games are introduced first, with a few featured further below with more images and in-depth information about them!)

New in Grades 3-5 

Learn about Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience by building a village in the woods. Find Minnow Meadow featured further on in this post.

Investigate fossils of extinct species to learn more about their Extinction. Find Extinction Journey featured further on in this post.

Let’s travel to outer space and take care of plants, insects, and animals to learn more about the Growth and Development of Organisms with our droid in Robo Grow.

Find the missing exhibits of the museum to learn more about the History of Planet Earth. Become an archaeologist in Excavate Museum – The History Of Planet.

New Games in Grades 6-8

Visit all the planets in our galaxy to learn more about the effect of Gravity and the Birth of our Solar System. Find Space Explorers: Gravity featured further on in this post.

Our cargo got lost in space! We need to retrieve it by matching The Sun, Moon, and Stars: Patterns of Apparent Motion in our spaceship. Save the day or night in Space Tracker.

Join this electromagnetic adventure to learn more about Electric and Magnetic Forces in Magnet Maze.

Dig into this amazing desert adventure to find Fossil Records in Jurassic Art.

It’s 2236! You need to discover a way to colonize our galaxy. Use the Scientific Method to ask scientific questions, develop hypotheses, carry out experiments, analyze data, and draw conclusions in The Crystalia Breakthrough.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Minnow Meadow — Elementary Science (Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience)


Game screenshot and description:

Welcome to Minnow Meadow! Manage a growing village where your actions influence environment tiles. Hunt for food, chop down trees, and build new homes in your village each turn, but beware: the ecosystem is fragile, and the exhaustion of resources could undermine your survival!


Extinction Journey — Elementary Science (Species Extinction)

Game screenshot and description:

Join us in the laboratory, where you will learn about the adventures of different animals during the ice age. Learn about their biome and other animals that lived alongside them. Welcome to Extinction Journey.

Space Explorers: Gravity — Middle Science (Gravity and the Birth of our Solar System)

Game screenshot and description:

Travel across the Solar System gathering data and completing challenges while fighting against the gravitational pull of the planets.


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

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