Science Gaming into 2022 be like… — January 2022


Happy New Year! Game studios were generous gift givers this holiday season as we have EIGHT new science games and FIVE updated science games to highlight. May your 2022 be packed with Legends of Learning assignments full of these games 🙂

New In Grades K-2

Kindergarten Natural Resources was a winner this past month as it has two new games ready for your students!

  • In Happy Farm Natural Resources, your students will spend time outdoors on fruitful grounds, farming and using natural resources to ready some great produce for the market!
  • World of Resources takes a more global view, as players will find out the differences between natural and man-made resources. Grow grass, feed animals, and find out where they prefer to live and grow!

Updates to Existing Games In Grades K-2

  • Science School, a game addressing forces, motion, and interactions, has removed content covering magnets to better focus on the forces and motion concepts taught in most K-2 science classrooms. There is also improved Spanish translation!
  • The Tale of Curious Nale, a game addressing patterns of objects in the sky, has removed content covering planets to better focus on the universe and solar system concepts taught in most K-2 classrooms.
  • In organism structure and function, traits, and survival, Woodland Walk has fixed a bug where a lily pad could be chosen as an animal. (whoops…)

New In Grades 3-5

Let’s start with earth science topics where we have 3 new games to showcase:

  • Erosive Voyage will be a great weathering and erosion adventure for your students. Find the mysterious treasure by helping Sloth and Rook navigate throughout the world full of challenges!
  • “Water is just something we drink and takes up a lot of space on Earth right?” (Asks one of your students). Not so fast! Water has a very important role in many of Earth’s processes. Aquatic Adventure will show your students how. Heavy rainfall has flooded the village. Talk with a cast of colorful characters and play minigames to save the town!
  • Okay so water has an effect on Earth’s systems, sweet. You can’t move on though without discussing human impacts on Earth’s systems. In Trash to Treasure, sift through all the garbage we produce on a quest to save the environment.

Elements of the Earth are awesome, we all know it. Let’s keep going with physical science and learn more about the principles that shape our experience on this big ole rock we call home:

  • Light is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated resources we need daily. Do your students know that light also transfers energy from place to place? Happy Sun Farm  is here for your students to engage with this process, all while helping out at the local sun farm.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 3-5

  • Xenosteroid Park is one of our favorites from last month’s cohort of new games, and the game studio continues to make it even better. There are art improvements to continue to make the game pop visually, and there are new mechanics in the card game to smoothen that gameplay experience. It’s a great choice for your next assignment on Earth materials and systems!

New In Grades 6-8

Earth science appears to have received the most love recently, as both of our new middle school science games reside there. I guess we know Santa’s favorite science subject!

  • Covering the role of sunlight and gravity in the water cycle, Novo Mundo Corporation: Water Cycle Engineer  will elevate your student’s first day in school back from break by giving them a very important job to do. Using knowledge of the water cycle and futuristic technology, transform planets and fulfill the dreams of various alien clients.
  • Once the job with alien clients is done, let’s focus back on our own home planet to the tune of the fossil record. Join Earth Explorers on an underground adventure, descending deep into the Earth to discover what fossil remains have to teach us.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 6-8

  • Microlives is a reliable game for any of your assignments on cells and life, and it is updated with various art improvements to help players better visualize the concepts of this academic topic.

A Closer Look at New Games


Happy Farm Natural Resources — Elementary Science (Transfer of Light Energy)

Teacher Reviews*:

Game screenshots and description:

Help the farmer manage their farm using natural resources to fulfill different needs!



Trash to Treasure — Elementary Science (Human Impacts on Earth Systems)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and description:

Play through minigames to learn about natural resources, pollution and ways to save the environment. Meet a colorful cast of characters who will teach you, and will be happy when you help them clean the town.


Novo Mundo Corporation: Water Cycle Engineer — Middle Science (Role of Sunlight and Gravity in the Water Cycle)

Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and description:

It’s your first day as an engineer at Novo Mundo Corporation. Using your knowledge of the water cycle and futuristic technology, you will terraform planets and fulfill the dreams of various alien clients.


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new science games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email


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