Games to Help You Ease Into a New School Year — August 2021


Don’t Forget: Feature Added for New Games Based on Your Feedback

This update rolled out over the summer and to make sure everyone makes the most out of it, we wanted to remind everyone about this exciting new feature: Saving Student Progress!

We received countless comments about how students need to be able to resume games at saved checkpoints if they are unable to complete the game in one session. Our game developers listened, and games released this summer and all new games moving forward will include saved checkpoints! If students leave a game, when they resume they will have the option to start from the beginning or continue from their last saved progress point.

All of the new games mentioned below, along with the new games launched in recent months’, have this functionality. We are excited to continue expanding our games’ capabilities based on your feedback!

The school year is upon us and we could not be more excited for students to start playing our newest games! So, let’s check ’em out! 

New In Grades 6-8

Usually we start by introducing the newest games for elementary school, but let’s give middle schoolers some early love this month. 

With the beautiful summer spent appreciating the outdoors, we’ll start with new Earth and Space Science games:

  • Bezos is not the only one who can go to space — let’s do him one better and travel to the moon in Doruk’s Adventures on the Moon! Students will explore the Lunar Phases and will be stoked to get home after school and see which phase of the moon is out in the night sky tonight. 
  • Why do some summer days have to be ruined with a rainy day? Well, The Water Cycle is here to explain the importance of water flowing around the Earth, including when it comes down from the sky. Do so in a fun, turn-based game out in the field!

We would not be enjoying the world around us in the summer if we did not appreciate all the rich life around us:

  • Another cycle with critical importance to our world is the flow of carbon. The Carbon Cycle is similar in style to The Water Cycle game above, but here, students will engage with carbon cycling in the ecosystem. Transform carbon from water to sky to land–before your tricky opponent does!

None of the above phenomena would be possible without the building blocks of matter:

  • Let your students explore states of matter and their structure with the excellent simulation-type game AtomTouch. There is  a set of mini games for the player to experiment with various topics related to atoms and physics! The player is in the driver’s seat and can play and review the different concepts for their own learning.

New In Grades 3-5

Taking a quick break from science, let’s give new math games in our elementary suite some much-deserved attention.

Third grade teachers, we have 3 new games to help you settle into the new year:

  • Warm up your students to learning with a simple game about reading temperature. Temp Out allows students to practice their ability to read temperature from a thermometer accurately. 
  • An island full of quadrilaterals? If your students don’t like them now, they’ll love them after some time with Sparky The Recycled Puppy – Shape Island Adventure. Students will learn the shared attributes of different shapes that categorize them all as quadrilaterals in this fun adventure!
  • Let’s learn how to compare two fractions in Hero Escape. A Hero is one who can escape a dungeon, detain their enemies, and….become an expert in fractions! Go get ‘em!

Moving up to 4th grade, there are two new games, one for fractions and one for geometry:

  • Let’s harvest crops with our local farmer while they are still in season in Felix’s Fraction Farm. Plots of land have a lot of similarities with fractions, so it’s important to understand how we can decompose the land into different parts, or fractions of the land! 
  • Let’s dive into lines of symmetry in the adventure Symmetry Mining Co. You’re looking for the mineral Corodium on a far-away planet, and it’s a very important energy source. To best locate and mine it, you’ll need to first harness energy from lines of symmetry!

Hopping to elementary science, we have 3 great new games for the start of your school year:

  • The Scientific Method is probably at the beginning of your curriculum, right? Engage your students right away with Attack of the Ice Giants. Use investigative scientific principles to determine the best way to fight off the Ice Giants. You can’t go wrong by starting the year with this game!
  • Journeying back out to space, Astral Quest is an adventure to learn about the fascinating characteristics and patterns of the Earth within the Solar System. Learn alongside an intelligent astronomer who is working to undo the mischievous work of an alien!
  • Collisions and forces are a great area of study for young students because they are easily observable and reproducible in experimentation. So let’s have some fun with it in The Wizard of Force, where students will seek a legendary treasure by using forces to move objects within the dungeons’ tricky puzzles! Plus, it doesn’t hurt for your students to believe that Wizards are simply masters of forces!

A Closer Look at New Games

Attack of the Ice Giants — Elementary Science (Scientific Method)


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Game screenshots and more info:

Follow our two main characters in a mission to save the world from the menacing Ice Giants! This catastrophic adventure will take a funny, light hearted turn when the focus shifts to how to defend against the invaders. Learn about the Scientific Method and experiment to find a way to stop the invasion!

Doruk’s Adventures on the Moon — Middle Science (Lunar Phases)


Teacher Reviews:


Game screenshots and more info:

Doruk is on a journey to explore the phases of the moon, the glorious object that illuminates our night sky! Will you join him to learn more?

Felix’s Fraction Farm — Elementary Math (Fraction Decomposition)


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Game screenshots and more info:

Get started working as a farmer in Felix’s Farm! A drone helps you learn the farming arts from sowing the seeds to harvesting the crops, all by learning fraction decomposition. Build and expand the farm by delivering fresh and green veggies to the nearby township. Spend your day with Felix and Happy Farming!













We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email








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