Introducing The Rube Goldberg’s Mathbots Game

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The Rube Goldberg Institute and Legends of Learning have partnered to create educational games and are pleased to announce their first title!

Introducing: Rube Goldberg’s Mathbots  

Available in grades 3-5 for topics related to basic multiplication and division equations.

The Inhabitants of Mensa, a planet in the Rubiverse, have a mission for you!

Threatened by toxic pollution, they need to escape Mensa, their home planet, before it turns uninhabitable. The Mensanites have created the Mathbots, peaceful AI robots designed to solve problems quickly and efficiently, to go on a space exploration mission in search of a new planet.

The crew is formed by Commander, Stella, Comet, Robot 953, and Medic.

But hours before take-off, an error occurred in their programming and now the Mathbots operate just like Rube Goldberg — and do everything in the most complicated way possible! To make matters worse, the spaceship is embedded with a security system that relies on math and the programming error has rendered the mathbots unable to do math.

With the clock ticking, there’s no time to reprogram the Mathbots before the launch. But if you join them onboard the spaceship and handle basic multiplication and division problems, you can help them keep their craft secure while they search the Rubiverse, and find a new place for the Mensonites to live. Are you ready to take the challenge and be part of the Mathbot’s crew?

Game Highlights

Chapter 2

Let’s do some maintenance on our spaceship! In this routine task, you’ll be in charge of cleaning the solar panels. Solve three multiplication or division problems and hit the ‘launch’ button! And now, the Rube Goldberg magic occurs…

Our hen lays her egg in outer space and the egg travels through titanium space tubes, activating the cleaning system!


Chapter 7

A threatening alien spaceship is getting close! We must activate the safety shield to protect the crew and the beloved animals in our space farm. Solve three multiplication or division problems and hit the ‘launch’ button! Now, let’s see how our Shield Activation Rube Goldberg Machine works.

The hamster starts running in its wheel, which triggers a domino effect mechanism, and launches a yellow ball that activates the safety shield!


Academically, students learn the basic concepts of multiplication and division and are rewarded for their work by triggering each new Rube Goldberg Machine! This is pure Legends of Learning fun, check it out! 


Use the ASWD, arrow keys or click in any direction with your mouse to move and explore the spaceship! Your goal at each level will be to find the number requested in the calculation to solve different problems to activate Rube Goldberg machines and keep the spaceship running. 

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Universe with these new educational games in your queue! Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email

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