New School Year, New Math Games! — August 2023

Math Games - What's New

As we’re gearing up for the back-to-school season, we’re excited to tell you more about these new math classroom games to welcome back your students with. If you missed last month’s update you can take a look at July’s update here.

Before we jump into these new games hitting the Learning Universe this month, we want to let you know that all of our new games are listed first, and then we feature a few with images and in-depth information about them.

New School Year, New Math Classroom Games — August 2023

New in Grades K-2

  • Become the best Robo Driver there is by solving equations and learning about Arithmetic in Base 10. Find Robo Driver featured further on in this post.
  • Travel around the island to gather apples, cakes, and toys while learning how to Count to 100 in Counting Cargo.

New in Grades 3-5

  • Learn the basics of 4th Grade Personal Financial Literacy while giving awesome haircuts to your customers. Find Blin-Blon Salon featured further on in this post.
  • Use Division with Base 10 Numbers to unlock doors and collect keys to reach the great treasure chest in Treasurer.
  • Join the adventurers on their trip to magical islands and explore the power of numbers while applying your knowledge of Whole Number Multistep Word Problems in Algebraic Adventures The Quest for Numeric Mastery.
  • Yaar! Help Captain Beard to rescue his crew using your knowledge of Graph Points In Quadrant 1 To Represent Problems and find the great treasure in Pirate Rescue.
  • Learn the Common Attributes of 2D Figures while sorting them at the pool party with PolyGonk.
  • Are you ready to craft some potions? Learn how to Know Sizes Of Measurement Units to prepare and deliver the magical potions in Sorcerer’s Bazaar.
  • Help our penguin friend get closer to his vacation on Holiday Islands! Learn how to Read And Write Decimals To The Thousandths to overcome every math challenge in Decimal Path.
  • Solve riddles, collect coins, and unlock doors to learn more about the Comparison of Fractions in Action Fraction – Dare to Compare!
  • Learn the Application of Area and Perimeter Formulas to help Buck plant and protect his fruits and vegetables in Farm Defense.

New in Grades 6-8

  • Join Digi and Zara on their adventure in the hidden jungle temple to recover the priceless gem, and learn how to Write And Evaluate Expressions With Exponents. Find Adventures of Digi: Exponent Temple featured further on in this post.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Robo Driver — Kindergarten Math (Arithmetic in Base 10)

Game screenshot and description:

You are a trainee robot driver at Numbers Inc. We ship numbers everywhere. Learn to drive our loading robot by solving the number sentences to balance the robot and then drive it through the obstacles to our delivery monster truck.

Blin-Blon Salon — Elementary Math (4th Grade Personal Financial Literacy)

Game screenshot and description:

Step into the adorable salon of Blin-Blon where clients are a bit more… fuzzy and wild than expected. Learn new skills, manage finances, and strive to outshine your rival salon, Bon-Bon Salon!

Adventures of Digi: Exponent Temple — Middle Math (Write and Evaluate Expressions With Exponents)

Game screenshot and description:

Go on an adventure with Digi and her faithful parrot Zara! Enter the Temple of Exponents and discover mysteries about Expressions, Exponents, Powers, Order of Operations, PEMDAS, Fractions, and decimal numbers.

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Universe with these new math classroom games in your assignment queue! Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email

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