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Sep 2021

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Greetings and salutations! Rewards for Shared Assignments and Upvoting on Reviews in this blog update. Keep reading to learn more!


As we really start to dig into another year of new challenges (both difficult and exciting), Legends of Learning would like to give our utmost thanks to our heroic teachers!

We wouldn’t be here without you, nor would our next generation of scholars! With that said, we have an exciting batch of new teacher features, that we hope will help you light up your classrooms with learning and love!

Rewards for Shared Assignments

We recently released the ability for teachers to create their own assessment questions to be inserted into assignments. This gives you the ability to tailor assignments for specific situations like lessons you are teaching, end-of-year reviews, specific testing scenarios, and anything else you dream up!

As we strive to make assignment creation even more robust, why not share the love with other teachers? Every time another teacher uses one of your custom assignments with their class, you earn Legendary Points that will up your status on Legends of Learning. With those points, you’ll be able to redeem them for special merchandise, sweepstakes entries or use to gift your class ‘currency’ they can use in the Awakening game to get items for their Avatars like clothing, dance moves and pets (coming soon)!

Upvoting on Reviews

Found another teacher’s review on a game helpful? Now you can give it an upvote!

Reviews with the most upvotes will get sorted to the top! And soon we will also give rewards to teachers whose reviews get the most upvotes! Every thorough review helps other teachers find the right games faster and also helps our developer community improve their games based on your feedback!

What makes for a thorough review? Talk about:

  • General game instructions and how easy/difficult it was for your class (denote the grade)
  • Your take on the instructional or game content: how well did it resonate for your students?
  • How did your class enjoy the graphics, characters and the game, itself?

To see these more in-depth Game Reviews details, simply click on the reviews and stars from the game details.


Well, that’s it for our latest installment of Teacher Features! As you can see, our platform is dynamic and evolving, and we are striving to make our product, not only engaging for students, but also for our hero teachers as well! Keep the feedback coming and we hope you look forward, as much as we do, to all the new features (based on your feedback), coming in the future!

And always, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to email:

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