New Year… New Games on Legends of Learning! February 2021

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Our library of unique, standards-aligned games is constantly growing as we fill in topic areas you have requested and game developers respond to your feedback. Did you know that 500 different game studios around the world work on the Legends of Learning platform? 


Speaking of your feedback, we heard you LOUD AND CLEAR: “Don’t make my students start from scratch if they restart a game!” 


All new games on our platform will have an “automatic save” feature. If a student logs off before finishing the game, when they resume, they will start at a checkpoint wherever they left off, rather than needing to start over! Moving forward, all new games will offer this feature. 


As always, we LOVE your feedback, so please keep it coming!


New In Grades K-2

Legends of Learning now offers science games for K-2 students! We have published 12 new instructional games in 9 topic areas such as Forces and Motion, Ecosystems, and the Sun, Earth, and Solar System. And there are still more to come!


Legends of Learning offers new Kindergarten through 2nd grade science games


New In Grades 3-8

The games in our elementary and middle school suite continue to improve! In the last month, 11 high-quality games have been added as several lower-quality games have been removed. We feature EcoCity, a game addressing the topic Human Impacts on Earth Systems, towards the end of the blog. 


Let’s head to the virtual lab! One of our favorite partners, PhET Interactive Simulations, has published 3 new science simulations on Legends of Learning. Most commonly they are found in physical sciences topics, but this time around they included two simulations about Natural Selection!


A simulation from PhET Interactive on Natural Selection, allowing students to visualize a population of rabbits over time.



Are any of your students interested in hands-on work? How about learning how real jobs work from real companies? We now offer two games on home construction and Water Damage Mitigation, one game on Solar Installation, and 6 games on Culinary Safety and Sanitation. These games are used by real company partners to train their own employees! These games are very well-designed, feature some beautiful artwork, and would be good exercises for middle school students to flex their real-world problem-solving skills!


A game about real-world solar installation skills.


More games across math and science, grades K-8 will be coming soon!


A Closer Look at Some New Games



Bolo and the Terra Tower Game Card on Legends of Learning Teacher Site


Teacher Reviews:

Bolo and the Terra Tower Favorable Teacher Ratings


Game screenshots and more info:

Students will learn about the Sun, Earth, and solar system in this game through simple but effective puzzles, where tutorials are available before the student practices themselves. 


Bolo and the Terra Tower Gameplay showing the pattern of the Sun's movement Bolo gameplay showing the affect of the Sun on the temperature of objects on Earth


ECOCITY – Elementary (G3-5) Science


Game Card for EcoCity


Teacher Reviews:

Favorable Teacher Reviews for EcoCity


Game screenshots and more info:

How would you manage the Power Production Plant, the Water Treatment Plant, and the Public Landfill? Do you spend more money on an automatic waste separator at the landfill, which helps reduce contamination of the land and water? Or maintain a lower budget and use cheap waste bags, which are less resistant to garbage getting out and polluting? There are fun mini-games along the way that of course are all themed with energy and waste management!


Gameplay in EcoCity game where student solves a water pipe-themed puzzle Gameplay in EcoCity game where student must place waste on a conveyor belt in the correctly labeled can.

Gameplay in EcoCity where the student is the mayor of the city making important decisions




Game card for Mighty Chin Chin: What's the Matter


Teacher Reviews:

Favorable game ratings for Mighty Chin Chin: What's the Matter


Game screenshots and more info:

Through three levels of increasing knowledge and complexity, students will learn about how to classify objects based on properties such as size, weight, buoyancy, and conductivity. Each level has a visually engaging tutorial explaining the concepts, and shortly thereafter the students will need to put this knowledge to the test by using objects and their properties to cross a treacherous landscape.


Gameplay in Mighty Chin Chin: What's the Matter showing the physical property of object weight via a traditional scale with a 40 pound block on one side and a 20 pound block on the other. Gameplay in Mighty Chin Chin: What's the Matter showing properties of a rubber duck

Gameplay in Mighty Chin Chin: What's the Matter where student uses their knowledge of properties of matter to get through a maze


So that’s it for now but we’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue!

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email


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