New School Year, New Science Games! — August 2023

Science Games - What's New

We’re gearing up for the back-to-school season and to celebrate we’re launching these new science classroom games in our Learning Universe to welcome your new students with. If you missed last month’s update you can take a look at July’s update here.

Before we dive in, here’s a quick reminder that all of our new games are mentioned first with a few highlighted below with images and in-depth information about them.

New School Year, New Science Classroom Games! — August 2023

New in Grades 3-5

  • Play fun minigames with Amelia and Professor Owl to learn more about Chemical Reactions. Find Little Chemist Amelia featured further on in this post.

New Games in Grades 6-8

  • Apply your knowledge of Equal and Opposite Reactions: Newton’s Third Law to jump, avoid obstacles, and defeat your opponents! Find Newton Ninja featured further on in this post.
  • Let’s create our own habitat to see how biotic and abiotic factors are related to each other, and learn more about the Competition for Resources In Ecosystems. Find  EcoQuest: Competition for Resources featured further on in this post.
  • Discover the different Lunar Phases on our planet by taking pictures in Hello, Moon.
  • Add energy, plants, and animals in this game to learn more about Food Webs in an Ecosystem while playing Food Effect.
  • Create animal and plant cells in Cell Assembler to learn more about the Parts of the Cell – Plants vs. Animals and their functions.
  • Help Sam bring life to the Sacred Tree through Photosynthesis in Photosynthesis: In the Lost Temple.
  • Play as an alligator or as a zooplankton to learn more about the Food Webs in an Ecosystem in The Way of Apex.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Little Chemist Amelia — Elementary Science (Chemical Reactions)

Game screenshot and description:

Learn about chemical changes and help Amelia create fertilizers and cakes at the academy!


Newton Ninja — Middle Science (Equal and Opposite Reactions: Newton’s Third Law)

Game screenshot and description:

“Newton Ninja” is an exciting and educational adventure where players leap into the action as a nimble ninja exploring a vibrant world. Through engaging levels, students master Newton’s Laws of Motion by making precision jumps and dodging quirky robotic adversaries. Puzzling mini-games challenge young minds to apply physics principles in creative ways. Friendly visuals and intuitive controls make it accessible and fun for all ages. Teachers will adore how “Newton Ninja” effortlessly blends learning and play, turning classroom concepts into an epic adventure of discovery.

EcoQuest: Competition for Resources — Middle Science (Competition for Resources In Ecosystems)

Game screenshot and description:

A card game about competition for resources in the ecosystem. In this game, the board represents an ecosystem, and the cards are the biotic and abiotic factors that form it.

We’ll see you soon in the Learning Universe with these new science classroom games in your queue! Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email

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