A Perfect Day for New Games – March 2021


New In Grades K-2

Our K-2 science suite continues to expand! In addition to the 12 new games previously published, 3 new games have recently been added. Find one new game in each of The Living Environment: Ecosystems; The Sun, Earth, and the Solar System; and Weather. We feature one of these new games, The Perfect Day, featured later in the blog. More to be published soon!


New games in kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade topics.


New In Grades 3-5

NASA just landed a rover on MARS, so let your students join the space party! A new space-themed game, Space Shipyard, awaits for your students to become engineers, solving multiplication and division problems in order to build a space shuttle! 

Additionally, our friends at PhET Interactive Simulations are continuously publishing new simulations on our platform. Check out 3 new simulations spanning lessons on magnets and energy!


Students solve word problems in Space Shipyard, a new 3rd grade math game.

New In Grades 6-8

Head to Division of Fractions where students will mix magical recipes in a great new game, Potion Makers. That’s right, magical sorcerers need to know math to make their finest recipes! We feature this engaging game further in the blog. 

In the virtual lab we have new PhET Interactive Simulations ready for both middle school science AND math! In science, find a new simulation in Electric and Magnetic Forces, 3 in Molecules and Compounds, and 2 in Conservation of Energy. In math, find 4 new simulations spanning multiple topics on the number line.


A simulation on the number line.

New In STEM / Career Training Education

We have awesome new games in our STEM / CTE subject area that address climate change and ecosystem sustainability. In particular, Green Living, found in our Climate Change: Make it Personal learning objective, is an excellent addition to any National Green Week curriculum. Students will learn the most effective personal behaviors to keep our planet healthy. Is recycling or adopting a plant-rich diet more effective in combating climate change? Play the game with your students to learn more!


Fight climate change monsters with behaviors to reduce your carbon footprint.


A Closer Look at New Games

The Perfect Day – K-2 Science (Weather)



Teacher Reviews:


Teacher reviews on the game The Perfect Day


Game screenshots and more info:

How do you define the weather on your perfect day? You first need to know how to observe and record weather to know how to describe it! Temperature, precipitation, wind, and sky condition will all factor into the weather. With these many variables in daily weather, there are a lot of different activities to enjoy on your favorite day. Swimming, flying a kite, riding a kite, and building a snowman – the perfect day awaits!


Logging daily weather in the game The Perfect Day

Observe weather and describe it in the game The Perfect Day

Potion Makers – 6-8 Math (Division of Fractions)



Teacher Reviews:


Teacher reviews for the game Potion Makers


Game screenshots and more info:

Welcome to Pogwarts, the best potion making school! All the best sorcerers have one thing in common – flawless mathematical acumen. Every potion has its own recipe, and the recipe may contain proper fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. Learn how to divide fractions by solving the correct amount of each ingredient to add to the cauldron. Let’s see what you can create with a cauldron and sharp math skills!







We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these new games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email support@legendsoflearning.com.


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