Student Player v2 Launched

As part of our grades 3-5 launch, we released a new version of our student game player. This new student player looks the same as the previous version, but offers a much more robust experience, including speedier, more reliable game performance and advanced game playing capabilities, including:

* Text to speech
* Multiple language support
* Translations
* 16:9 aspect ratio (most common aspect ratio for televisions and monitors)

In addition, the first 200 games for grades 3-5 are up on the platform in a beta release. We will be adding more games in March, completing the release.

Over the next few months, Legends of Learning’s development team will work on several new features, such as the ability to choose your own questions for gameplay, quick start playlists, and faster, stronger analytics. In addition, we will continue to improve our user interface based on feedback from teachers using the platform.

Community Is Re-Open for Business

Speaking of technical upgrades, the Legends of Learning Community just went through an expansive rebuild and restoration. When you reengage with the community, you will now be able to like and share posts and better communicate with fellow teachers.

The community is the best place to provide feedback to our developers, earn more coins, and win free swag. Log in ( or sign up (!

Grades 3-5 Science Games Coming This February

After launching 800 science games for grades 6-8, we heard from numerous educators requesting games for younger grade levels. Ten months later, elementary school teachers can now sign up for first access to Legends of Learning’s new grades 3-5 offering!

Here are the details:

* More than 300 titles
* 56 lessons covered
* Topics span Earth and Space, Life, and Physical Science, including the scientific method
* Based on the NGSS curriculum
* Select state standards coming, including GSE, SOL, and TEKS
* Designed for grades 3-5 with accessibility for select 2nd graders
* Works in tandem with existing suite for grades 6-8

Early Access to Grades 3-5 Games

As with grades 6-8, an elementary teacher’s Legends of Learning account is free with no financial obligations. Just sign up to be notified when the product goes live, then create your account and go.

Be one of the first teachers to access Legends of Learning’s elementary school suite, and help shape the future of science game-based learning for grades 3-5.

Sign up here.

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