There’s More to Video Than Meets the Eye 👀

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It’s easy to use Legends of Learning’s new embedded video feature to make game assignments even more dynamic with the addition of a YouTube or Vimeo video amongst the games and assessment questions.

But beyond an on-topic video, did you know there’s even more you can do with this feature?

Here are five ways to integrate videos into your Legends of Learning assignment:

1. Mini-Lesson Introduction – Record yourself giving a mini-lesson as an introduction to the topic. Then, have students play an instructional game to extend their learning and apply their knowledge.

2. Remote Demonstrations – Have students complete a Legends of Learning instructional game to build background knowledge on the topic. Then, include a video recording of a teacher-led experiment that applies what they learned in the game. End the assignment with a custom assessment to the students on their findings. 

3. Homework or Asynchronous Lessons – Found a great video that you want students to watch on their own time? Include the video in a Legends of Learning assignment. Then, create a custom assessment to ask students questions about the video they watched.

4. Extending Viewing – Have a long video for students to watch? Break up the YouTube video into separate segments with a Legends of Learning game between segments. Simply save the video as different time stamped sections and include each segment in the assignment. (Reminder: this can only be done with YouTube videos and not with Vimeo.)

5. Game Previews – Include the game preview video, when available, before a game in your assignment. This will give students a sneak peak into the game before playing it themselves and provide additional context to the game instructions for better playing and learning.

Do this in a few easy steps:

  • Open the game information and select “Watch Preview”
  • In the video viewer, click on “Copy link” in the upper right hand corner
  • Go back to the assignment and add video. Paste that copied link when prompted.
  • 🎉.  Ta da! The preview video is now part of the assignment.

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