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Legends of Learning offers more than 220 earth science games and thousands of assessment items across 26 learning objectives, with each learning objective containing 8-10 interactive games. All of the games are based off of the NGSS curriculum standards for DCIs.

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Earth science games help concepts come to life. The recent solar eclipse that passed from coast to coast through the continental United States captivated young students across the country. Questions and events like the eclipse can spark students’ fascination with Earth [and Space] Sciences (ESS).

Unfortunately, events like these don’t happen every day. Teachers must provide engaging and interesting context so students find topics like tectonic plates and weather interesting. With so many students drawn to electronic media, teachers need new tools that continuously inspire a student’s natural curiosity and academic performance.

Some games provide students with simulations of natural events on Earth and within our solar system. All of the games engage students, inspiring them to master content faster and perform better on their tests. Even more exciting for educators, students who play the games start asking more questions and begin discussing lessons with each other.

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