Culinary Safety and Sanitation Games

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In this series of games, your students will learn how to manage a clean kitchen from food receiving, storage, preparation, and cooking.  These lessons can also be helpful to everyday life food preparation, cooking, and sanitation.  The games were built in partnership with the Culinary Services Group, a large provider of fresh, restaurant-quality food at a reasonable cost to the healthcare industry.  

These games are part of the Legends of Learning Career and Technical Education suite, which will be expanding over the next several months.

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Concepts Covered

Culinary safety and sanitation are critically important to delivering high-quality and safe food in any food-related service industry.  Learn how to become an expert in the kitchen and how to safely prepare various foods while keeping your workplace sanitized.

Proper food handling procedures (receiving, storage, rotation of food) and understanding the basics of personal hygiene and sanitation are critical to preparing food safely.  Key areas of understanding range from proper dress attire, to hand washing, proper glove use, and contact surfaces.  

Food preparation and safety protocols within a kitchen are as important as understanding techniques to properly receive, store and rotate food. 

Lastly, thawing, cleaning, and cooking items all require adherence to strict protocols to ensure quality fresh food that is safe to eat.

Are you ready to cook a safe, delicious, and healthy meal in a clean kitchen?

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