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In this series of games, your students will learn about community-led solutions to revitalize coastal marine habitats, such as coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses, protect biodiversity, and secure the livelihoods of fisher households and their communities.  The games were built in partnership with, an international non-profit focused on inspiring change around sustainability so people and nature can thrive.   

These games are part of the Legends of Learning Career and Technical Education suite, which will be expanding over the next several months.

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Concepts Covered

Our society is facing an unprecedented global decline in marine fish populations in coastal waters, driven largely by overfishing and a lack of management.  To address this, learn how to generate demand for cooperative behavior for sustainable fisheries management by both illustrating basic fisheries management concepts as well as provoking reflection on fisheries management challenges and solutions. 

Managing concepts include learning how fisher households operate and the value of savings clubs, which help them build up their own assets and can act as a cushion during family emergencies, bad weather, or poor fishing conditions. In addition, fisher households (wives of fishers often play a key role in financial resilience) are able to save enough to invest in enterprises that can supplement their income. These savings clubs help build their confidence in their ability to save and take out loans safely, and later, to start trusting other financial products, like insurance and maybe more formal bank accounts.

Can you protect your village’s economic future by learning to fish sustainably?  Are you ready to maximize the management of your fishing business?

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