Force Fields Science Games

In this series of games, your students will learn about electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields and their visual representations. The Force Fields learning objective – based on NGSS and state standards – delivers improved student engagement and academic performance in your classroom, as demonstrated by research.

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Concepts Covered

Electric, magnetic, and gravitational forces are non-contact forces, which means objects exerting these forces on each other don’t need to be touching.

An electric force is a force of attraction or repulsion between charged particles, a magnetic force is a force of attraction between magnetized materials, and gravity is the force of attraction between two bodies with mass.

The surrounding 3-dimensional space where an object exerts one of these forces on other objects is a force field; there are electric fields, magnetic fields, and gravitational fields. These force fields are not visible, but we can map them by observing their effects on other objects.

Force field diagrams include field lines, which show the direction of the force at a given location, and they never cross each other. The denser they are, the stronger the force field in that location. The types of field lines are:

  • Electric field lines – show the direction of the positive force on a test object.
  • Magnetic field lines – point toward the north end of a magnetized object.
  • Gravitational field lines – point from the test object’s center of mass to the main object’s center of mass.

In total, there are nine games in this learning objective, including:

  • The Force Escapes
  • Bouncer: Force Fields
  • Release the Force
  • Force Fields Trio
  • Force Fields!
  • Mission Compassible
  • Hidden Force
  • Bob’s Force Fields
  • The Force fields and Variety of Interactions

A further preview of each game is below.

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