August 2020 Teacher Newsletter

Pamela Quintern

AKA “Mrs. Quintern”
Teacher – Winand Elementary, MD

August 2020 Teacher Newsletter Image

Pamela Quintern, a teacher in Baltimore County, MD, flexed her teacher tool belt this year when integrating Legends of Learning. From early finisher activities, to building background knowledge before small group sessions, to emergency sub plans…Legends of Learning provided a solution for her needs! Mrs. Quintern explains, “I have found my students prefer Legends of Learning to other school endorsed programs. When students are finished with assigned tasks, they are able to log in to Legends and proceed through an array of tasks and games. This means they are not idle and just sitting in limbo. Sometimes, I assign games built for a group to be completed prior to meeting with me in our small group session. The games allow them time to briefly become introduced to a skill we are reviewing, and my small group sessions become more focused and time is used much more wisely.”

When the school year quickly pivoted to remote learning, Mrs. Quintern was relieved to find that Legends of Learning continued to be a resource to help keep students engaged. “I have students who will consistently go in and do activities I’ve assigned in Legends of Learning, and they ask me for more lessons all the time! This is encouraging and exciting, knowing that students are still learning from home. To know I can engage my students while providing the level of support needed for those who are behind, and simultaneously provide rigorous content to push our students to advancing levels of achievement…this is what I strive to do as a teacher! We have to help our students achieve higher than we ever dreamed in order for them to be successful in our ever-changing, fast-paced, technology-driven world. I truly feel Legends of Learning helps me achieve that goal.”

Mrs. Quintern describes herself as a “true, everyday teacher who really wants our future to be better than our yesterday.” To us, she is an inspirational superhero, well deserving of the title of Legendary Teacher!

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