Testimonials, case studies, and research supporting Legends of Learning’s efficacy.


Using Content-Based Games to Boost Student Engagement in STEM: Sheryl Coe

Traditionally, teachers have been masters of maintaining just the right distance between themselves and a student’s desk to keep the student on track, often without saying a word. When COVID swept through the 20-21 school...

Boosting Students’ Self-Confidence: Jenny Hermann and Rea Francisco

Throughout the school year, teachers have come up with unique ways to enhance their lesson plans. To strengthen her students’ understanding of course material, Jenny Hermann, aka The Herminator, knew exactly which platform to utilize...

Using Blended Learning to Increase Students’ Content Mastery: Robyn Carrier

Going into a year of unprecedented blended learning needs, science and math teachers needed a “fun and engaging way of reteaching math and science while being able to reassess students’ mastery of skills”.          During the summer...

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Developing Valuable Study Skills: Perla Rodriguez

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, teachers have been superstars at helping their students develop strong work habits. A 6th-grade science educator, Perla Rodriguez, AKA The Glitter Atom, nurtures these work habits with students through her...

Doing What’s Best for Kids: Katelyn Leitner

“Do what’s best for kids!” is positioned at the bottom of every one of Katelyn Leitner’s emails, and that is exactly what she aims to do as the Supervisor of Science Instruction for Suffolk Public...

Making Difficult Concepts More Approachable: Brandon Thomas and Chelsea Wright

Despite the hybrid learning environment, Brandon Thomas, aka “Mr. Magic”, maintains high expectations for his students. Day in and day out, he remains committed to providing his students with the high level of support needed...

Cross-Curricular Approach to Instruction: Tonya Clarke and Janetta Greenwood

This school year, teachers have become superstars at adapting their lessons for remote learning.  However, there are still many challenges that persist, one of which is student engagement. With so many digital distractions, teachers have...

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