Testimonials, case studies, and research supporting Legends of Learning’s efficacy.


Adapting Lesson Plans for Virtual Learning: Georgina Asfour and Amy Gerstein

This school year, teachers have become superstars at adapting their lessons for remote learning.  However, there are still many challenges that persist, one of which is student engagement. With so many digital distractions, teachers have...

Using Asynchronous Resources to Maintain Students’ Love for STEM: Jessica Graves

Jessica Graves, AKA “Passionista”, is the STEM Lead for KIPP Texas, one of the nation’s largest and most successful charter school networks. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, KIPP’s curriculum did not include a virtual option, so Passionista...

Empowering Student Ownership: Mike Epperson and Edna Sandoval

As we approach the end of 2020, many teachers are looking for creative ways to reinforce content students have learned. To strengthen his students’ understanding of course material, Mike Epperson, aka Mister E, knew exactly...

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Using Battle-Quiz Assessments to Revitalize Cumulative Review: Dr. Rodney Culverhouse

We call him Science Ninja because this month’s Legendary Administrator Dr. Rodney Culverhouse not only excels at science, but also at equipping his students with a rich array of learning tools! A few years ago, Rodney...

Using GBL to Reimagine Your Course Roadmap: Roderik Camacho and Jean Mellor

The transition to distance learning has led many educators to reimagine their course roadmap. Because there are many challenges with recreating the classroom experience online, teachers have had to quickly determine how to best meet...

Ferleshare Starks

Using Content-Based Games To Engage Students: Ferleshare Starks

As a forward thinker on how to better support students, our Legendary Admin of the Month, Ferleshare Starks aka Sci-Fi the Science Cypher, wanted to explore how to hone in on using games which are...

Cathy Harter

Using GBL To Keep Students Engaged For Longer & Retain What They Learn: Cathy Harter

Cathy Harter, also known as The Activator, is an inspiring leader who is always looking for the best new resources for her students. When we met Cathy last year, she was immediately drawn to the idea...

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