Take Content Review to the Next Level

Take Your Content Review to the Next Level

The end of the quarter is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time for content review (and testing). Some students may still be on vacation, at least in their minds. It’s time to shake the rust off!

That’s where Legends of Learning science games come into “play”.

Teachers can use Legends of Learning’s 800+ games to keep students motivated and engaged while they review extraordinary amounts of content in a short period of time. That makes content review much less boring, and improves results. Research demonstrates that game-based learning improves test scores and content mastery.

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A Research-Backed Approach to Test Prep

Will game-based test prep actually help students succeed on their tests? Unequivocally, yes. Research conducted by Vanderbilt University statistically proved that when students learn with games they have higher levels of fact recall and are better able to answer complex questions on tests.

There are no obligations, Legends of Learning accounts are free. Have fun, review content, feel confident, and help your students crush their exams.

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