A Month to be Thankful for New Math Games — November 2021


A month to be thankful….for new math games in your Legends of Learning assignments! Here are FOUR new math games, plus FIVE more that have been updated with better gameplay!

New In Grades 3-5

Elementary teachers, we have a new math game for each of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades!

  • In 3rd grade math, Mysterious Island is a winner for partitioning shapes into unit fractions. A lot is at stake here, as you’re here to find a hidden treasure!
  • Let’s travel to a righteous kingdom for 4th grade linear geometry in Battle for Azalon. Come to the defense for this magnificent kingdom — the evil orcs main weaknesses are lines, angles, and 2D figures!
  • Time for some jellies! In another new 4th grade geometry, we have Jellmmetry for your upcoming curriculum on lines of symmetry.  Watch out, your students might beg for in-class examples using jell-o after playing this game!
  • The 5th grade topic Grouping Expressions with Symbols is one of the 7 great wonders of the Earth. Well, not really, but in Rise of Ancient Egypt, you’ll take part in building the great pyramids while with parentheses, braces, and brackets as your main tools!

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 3-5

  • Lemonade Grandee (Understanding Equivalent Fractions) is updated with academic examples and problems based on feedback to better represent the age group. There are also enhanced animations for a smoother experience, and an end screen to communicate overall score.
  • Galactic Geometry (Linear Geometry) now better renders Spanish, with better word highlights and a more precise translation.
  • The Hack: Place Values (Understand Place Value) has technical enhancements so that the game plays more reliably on a Chromebook.
  • Mad-th Troll Adventures (Divide Whole Numbers By Unit Fractions) now supports save and load checkpoints! It’s update also comes with smoother user experience, and new achievements tied to key tasks.

Updates to Existing Games In Grades 6-8

  • Odyssey: Rex-Calibur (Division of Fractions) has a full set of gameplay enhancements: a cleaner interface, new quests and better music.


A Closer Look at New Games


Battle for Azalon — Elementary Math (Linear Geometry)



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Help the mages defend the Kingdom of Azalon in an epic war against the orcs! Use your geometry knowledge to cast spells and defeat the incoming hordes!



Mysterious Island — Elementary Math (Partition Shapes Into Unit Fractions)



Teacher Reviews:

Game screenshots and more info:

Help Nancy, a treasure hunter who has just arrived on a mysterious island, find the hidden treasure of Euclid!



Jellymmetry — Elementary Math (Identify Lines Of Symmetry)



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We’ll see you soon in the Learning Metaverse with these math science games in your queue! 

Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email support@legendsoflearning.com.


*Teacher Reviews: don’t forget that you earn Rewards Points for every review you write! So be sure to leave your feedback: you help other teachers pick the right games, you help students to get the best material available, you help us to learn which games we should make more of and you’ll help yourself to some well-deserved rewards! Talk about saving the day!

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