Awakening Adventure Pass Limited Time Pricing


For a limited time only, save up to 30% on Awakening’s Adventure Pass. Kids spend 9x more time learning standards-based math and science with Adventure Pass through fun game play, learning tokens, and beastie evolution.

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What is included in the Awakening Adventure Pass?

  • Access to Exclusive Learning Areas
    Your child will get access to The Wilds, an expanded area with extended learning opportunities in Awakening.
  • Gift Your Child Adventure Pass-only Outfits and Beasties
    Further boost your child’s learning success with exclusive access to over 100 new items and beasties in-game.
  • Child Can Further Level Up their Knowledge
    Your child can catapult past level 10 with continued education and open up special level-up-only game features like beastie evolutions.

About Awakening

Awakening is a safe learning online game for students and their classmates to have fun mastering learning topics based on their school’s standards. Kids can get better at math and science, earn cool rewards, play safely with friends, and have fun doing so!

All Legends of Learning games are backed by research. According to independent research, games in Awakening are 2X more effective than tutoring in raising end-of year test scores.

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