Giving Thanks to Learning: New Science Games! — November 2023

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Thanksgiving is almost here and we’re so thankful to have amazing educators like you using our platform. Take a look at these new science classroom games that have launched in our Learning Universe for your students. If you missed last month’s new games you can take a look at October’s update here.

Before we dive in, here’s a quick reminder that all of our new games are mentioned first with a few highlighted below with images and in-depth information about them.

Giving Thanks to Learning: New Science Games! — November 2023

New in Grades 3-5

New Games in Grades 6-8

  • Use your knowledge of Temperature, Thermal Energy, and Particle Motion to overcome challenges, earn points, and upgrade the old machines in your factory. The goal is to make the perfect popsicle! Find Popsicle Tycoon featured further on in this post.
  • 3, 2, 1, go! Avoid obstacles, collect eco-gems, and learn how Factors Influencing Growth of Individuals and Populations affect our biome. Find Eco Run featured further on in this post.
  • Use good vibrations to win each challenge in the kingdom and earn the three wave badges. Learn more about Waves and Their Properties in Wave Adventure.
  • Use Molecules and Compounds to make new products and help the colony build up its planet with a Matter Printer.
  • Join Kenzo in his new adventure! He’s looking for the Winter Scroll. With your skills in Factors Influencing Motion: Newton’s First and Second Laws l help him find it! Learn more in Ninja Kite: Ice and Inertia.
  • Explore the mystery cavern, solve puzzles and challenges, and unroll the secrets of States of Matter and their Structure in Crystal Adventure – States Of Matter.
  • Recreate the different types of Eclipses and Seasons and learn how the sun and the moon move to create these spectacular phenomena in ECLIPSES: CHANGES ON EARTH.
  • Work as a lab assistant with scientists from all over the galaxy! Use the correct reagents to create different products while learning more about Chemical Reactions: Evidence of a Reaction in SpaceLab.
  • Use your knowledge of Electric and Magnetic Forces to place the cards in the right position and win this brand-new board game in Magnetism.
  • Click! Use your camera to observe the Competitive, Predatory, and Mutually Beneficial Interactions between living beings in MeowSnap.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Fossil Finders: Earth’s Hidden Secrets — Elementary Science (Fossil Evidence)

Game screenshot and description:

Unearth the fun in learning with “Fossil Finder”. Designed to captivate young minds, this game blends the excitement of treasure-hunting with the awe of scientific discovery. Students embark on thrilling archeological digs, interact with dynamic 3D environments, and solve challenging mini-games to unveil ancient fossils. But that’s not all! Every discovery turns into a learning moment, guided by our friendly Paleontologist who shares engaging facts and insights about Earth’s history, extinct species, and more. It’s hands-on science, puzzle-solving, and a treasure trove of knowledge all rolled into one irresistible educational package. Make learning a thrilling expedition and dig into “Fossil Finder” today!


Popsycle Tycoon — Middle Science (Temperature, Thermal Energy, and Particle Motion)

Game screenshot and description:

As a proud owner of a popsicle factory, you have to work carefully in each mini-challenge to earn points and repair or upgrade the machines! You will have to use your knowledge of thermal energy to create the perfect popsicle.


Eco Run — Middle Science (Pure Substances)

Game screenshot and description:

Make your biome grow by gathering resources with different animals, such as food and other members for the biome. Run as prey and as a predator while dodging obstacles and collecting eco-gems. Make your pack larger, and build the perfect natural biome!


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Universe with these new science classroom games in your queue! Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email

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