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When you embarked on a career to teach, you probably did so to help children and make a difference in the world. You knew there’d be grading to do and some tough behaviors to manage. What you probably didn’t think too much about were lesson plans and how much time you’d be thinking about them when you became a teacher. 

As a company very much by teachers, for teachers (30% of our team came from the classroom!), we know how strenuous and time-consuming lesson planning can be. It’s for that reason that Legends of Learning offers complete lesson plans to its premium teacher, school, and district accounts. 


5E Lesson Plans

Legends of Learning offers a 5E lesson plan for most math and science topics available on our platform. Our lesson plans follow the 5E Method–meaning they each have a section that guides students to engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate. This model has been an educational tool to help students express and approach new subject matter with curiosity; from which they’ll connect new material with their experiences.

How this translates to our lesson plans is that we provide: 

  • Guided discussion questions and teacher prompts for the total class
  • In-class activities or experiments
  • Handouts, lab sheets, and activity sheets (with answer keys)

…and of course Legends of Learning games.


How to use Legends of Learning’s Lesson Plans

While many of you have a pre-set district-provided curriculum to follow, there may be units that lack hands-on, engaging resources for your students. Or perhaps you have already used the curriculum provided for you, but you’ve found that students are still struggling to grasp the concepts. Rather than reinventing the wheel and spending hours planning additional lessons, head to Legends of Learning and pull up one of our comprehensive lesson plans that require little to no prep work.

For upgraded, premium accounts, start with the Lesson Plan before you pick a Legends game. Since our lesson plans are split into different sections based on the 5E model, you can pick and choose which portions of the lesson you’d like to use with your students. No time for the video and discussion component provided in the Elaborate section of a lesson? No problem! Pick the portions of any lesson that are relevant for your needs and then add a game per the prompts in the lesson plan. 

Pro tip: these lessons are perfect for substitute teachers. As they provide step-by-step instruction for in-classroom discussions and activities and go hand-in-hand with Legends’ content which are already standard-aligned, you’ll be reassured that whoever steps in for your class has some assistance in teaching your class the matter at hand. 


How to access Legends of Learning’s Lesson Plans

To browse our lesson plan library, select Lesson Plans from the navigation menu in your Legends of Learning teacher page.



From here, search for a topic by keyword, or filter the list by standard code.


The search results will show all lessons aligned to that topic or standard. Narrow down the results even further by selecting the grade band and/or subject. Click the purple View icon to open the lesson…and voila! We weren’t kidding when we said lesson plans could be done in three clicks! 


Check out some Legends of Learning lesson plans

Here’s a quick sample of what our lesson plans look like:


Go beyond the ordinary with Legends of Learning’s premium accounts. Elevate your instruction with access to a complete library of 5E lesson plans, powerful reporting tools, seamless grade pass-back to various LMS platforms, and Math Basecamp, our innovative math fluency program. These are just a few ways Legends is empowering teachers and students to reach their full potential!


Learn more about our premium plans here.

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