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Welcome to the 2020s. As a new decade begins, new technologies will emerge. The recently concluded CES show showcased some emerging trends. You can see that there is not a lot of focus on technology to help teach and learn, developed for teachers and students.

As a parent and a former student of the public school system (Go Baltimore County Schools!), I am keen on creating technology to make US schools smarter, this is why I founded Legends Of Learning. Making it easy for kids to learn the school curriculum using science games and math games.

Math and Science Games for Kids
Easy For Teachers To Make Math & Science Homework Fun For Students

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the over 1 million users who log in and use the Legends of Learning platform every month in class. In schools where Legends is used regularly, we have seen student grades improve as a direct result of using our games. Making classwork and homework more fun is working. 

Educators in the US today are heroes –  teachers, principals, counselors, and administrators who are all working towards preparing kids for their future. Many choose to educate kids as a career path because they are passionate about inspiring kids to learn in a safe and comfortable environment. It is certainly a win-win if educators get access to technology resources that resemble what the kids already love to play with at home, at the same time allow students to meet educational goals with added energy and enthusiasm.

Our goals for 2020 are :

  1. HOMEWORK: Help teachers assign standards-aligned homework that students can complete using the ultra-gamified Legends of Learning: Awakening
  2. MULTI-TOPIC ASSIGNMENTS: Make it easier for teachers to assign multiple topics at once
  3. DATA: Provide school districts and principals data and reports that help them see the impact of using Legends of Learning on improving engagement and scores

We would love your feedback if you are a user of Legends of Learning. You can send me an email at or contact us via the chatbox on our website.


If you have found our learning platform useful, please help us spread the word by referring other educators to us.

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