Blossoming Minds: New Math Classroom Games! — April 2024

Math Games - What's New

Hi Legends! Welcome to another exciting update from our Learning Universe! This April, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the latest additions to our ever-expanding array of math classroom games, designed to engage while enhancing your students’ scores. If you missed last month’s post you can take a look at March’s update here.

What will you find below?

  • 📐New math April’s games.
  • 😎A closer look at featured games.

New Math April’s Games 📐

Get ready to engage your students with exciting new adventures and hands-on learning experiences.

Grades 3-5

  • Road Planner: Prepare your safety equipment and build roads while learning to find areas by counting unit squares.
  • Apartment Planner: Become a city planner and construct the most important cities in the world while mastering the calculation of the volume of right rectangular prisms.
  • Decimal Saga: Join Rook and Sloth in a quest to compare decimals to the thousandths and uncover hidden treasures.
  • Math Quest: The Magical Adventure: Embark on an adventure with Andy and Jinny solving math problems while learning to fluently add and subtract using the standard algorithm.
  • Mr. Trunk’s Truck: Practice fluently adding and subtracting using the standard algorithm while managing cargo.

New in Grades 6-8

  • Supermarket Spree: Utilize the rate of 100 to find percents and accurately label all the products in the store.

😎A Closer Look at Featured Games

Road Planner — Elementary Math

Learn more about the game:

“Road Planner” is an educational game designed to help 3rd-grade students grasp the concept of finding area by counting unit squares. The game adopts a SimCity-style approach where players build roads in isometrically drawn cities. The goal is to fix the city’s broken roads, understand the concept of area, and manually calculate the total area covered without using formulas.

Apartment Planner — Elementary Math

Learn more about the game:

Welcome to Apartment Planner, the ultimate city-building adventure where you become the master architect of your bustling metropolis! Dive into the exciting world of urban planning as you craft unique apartments, estimate volumes by measuring unit cubes, and create vibrant neighborhoods.

Decimal Saga — Elementary Math

Learn more about the game:

Help Rook and Sloth find the greatest treasure by participating in the Decimal Saga contest. This game is a true hero story. From zero skills (and zero money) to Master of Decimal Comparison. Experience immersive minigames like Mini Farmer, Decimal Dominoes, and Comparison Labyrinth!


Keep an eye out for more exciting game updates coming your way soon.

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