A New Assignment Experience Awaits Your Students

New Features

A new school year is all about new experiences, right? The same holds true for what students will see when tackling class assignments through Legends of Learning, whether they’re attending in-person, hybrid or virtual. 


Let’s start off with the most exciting update for students first: 

Students will automatically join your selected game and assignment and bypass the Avatar creation step until after they’ve completed the assignment. This will help keep your class focused while also allowing them to access the games even faster. 


You’ll also see that this new linear view of games and assessments will allow students to better monitor their progress through assignments. Previously, this was shown by way of a “map” where the progress was presented more abstractly. 



Additionally, there are a few other improvements that were worth calling out, as well:  

  • All students will now be able to see how they performed on assessments–and get question-by-question reporting so they know what was correct or not

  • For sound settings and to log out, students will find everything from the “toggle” settings menu in the upper right-hand corner.

Wondering what makes for a great assignment?

  • Add at least three activities, always including at least one assessment
  • (Since the games each approach the material a slightly different way, multiple games gives the students different ways to think things through.)

Looking to gauge progress on a subject matter?

  • Add an assessment to the beginning and end of an assignment and compare scores
  • Or, relaunch an assignment before and at the end of a course to gauge progress of scores along the way

We hope that you and your students find this to be a smoother, easier way to start and continue with their assignments. We will soon be launching a new reward for students at the end of assignments – an amazing multiplayer learning experience – the next generation of Awakening, so stay tuned! 

We are always striving to make engaging with the platform an increasingly legendary experience and updates like this are one step along that journey. As always, reach out to a Legends Team Member with any thoughts you may have on how we could improve the platform for you and your students: heroes@legendsoflearning.com

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