From Summer Break to Learning Fun: New Math Games! — September 2023

Math Games - What's New

Welcome back to a new school year! We’re excited to tell you more about these new math classroom games for your students. If you missed last month’s post you can take a look at August’s update here.

Before we jump into these new games hitting the Learning Universe this month, we want to let you know that all of our new games are listed first, and then we feature a few with images and in-depth information about them.

From Summer Break to Learning Fun: New Math Classroom Games! — September 2023

New in Grades 3-5

  • Protect Numeria from the Elementals! Use your knowledge of Grouping Expressions with Symbols to defeat them and bring peace back to Numeria! Find Scrolls of Powers featured further on in this post.
  • Join Kenzo, the ninja, in his travel across Japan while learning more about Rounding To The Nearest 10 Or 100. Find Ninja Kite: Ten Tens featured further on in this post.
  • Learn more about Terms and Rules in Numerical Patterns while building robots with A.EYE and Abby in Robo-Factory.
  • Compare Two Multi-Digit Whole Numbers to find the right path and defeat the big fishes to make it home in Fish’s Great Number Quest.
  • Explore the maze but be careful! You could find a dragon around any corner! Understand how to Generate Patterns Using A Given Rule And Analyze to overcome each level in Dragon’s Maze: Pattern Quest.
  • Help the Mensanites find a new planet by solving Basic Multiplication and Division Equations in Rube Goldberg’s Mathbots.
  • Learn how to Multiply Four By One And Two By Two Digit Numbers by casting spells and moving objects with magic in Multiplier Fantasy.
  • Solve the Riddle of the Sphinx to understand how to Write Simple Expressions while searching for the secret treasure of the ancient kings!

New in Grades 6-8

  • Read the drawing board, identify the correct production line, and learn how to Write Expressions Using Letters. Find Mindustry featured further on in this post.
  • Brew potions for customers and learn how to solve algebra problems and Evaluate Expressions Given Values in MathCraft: Magic Variables.

A Closer Look at Featured Games

Scrolls of Power — Elementary Math (Grouping Expressions with Symbols)

Game screenshot and description:

Embark on an exciting math-filled adventure in the magical realm of Numeria! Join forces with the mighty Sorcerer Valin and use enchanted Scrolls to overcome the Elemental invasion and bring harmony back to the land. Solve equations and manipulate numbers to create powerful magic to vanquish foes and save the kingdom. Become a hero, unravel mysteries, and restore balance to Numeria with the power of math!

Ninja Kite: Ten Tens — Elementary Math (Rounding To The Nearest 10 Or 100)

Game screenshot and description:

Kenzo has a secret mission to collect ten scrolls that spread across Japan. Unfortunately, the scrolls are encrypted. Rumor says the only way to solve it is by rounding the secret number to the nearest 10 or 100.

Mindustry — Middle Math (Write Expressions Using Letters)

Game screenshot and description:

The game takes place in a factory where the player follows and interacts with a production line This line is always composed of a number of products entering at the beginning of the line, and another quantity leaving at the end of it. During this process, new quantities of product may enter or leave in the middle of the production line. The player must identify production lines and transcribe them as an algebraic expression, as well as assemble production lines based on algebraic expressions.


We’ll see you soon in the Learning Universe with these new math classroom games in your assignment queue! Stay tuned for more new game updates and if you have any questions please email

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