Celebrate Pi Day with a Pi-Themed Math Lesson


In honor of one of our favorite mathematical days of the year coming around again (get it?), we’re excited to celebrate this mathematical constant as it was meant to be celebrated. Not with apple, blueberry, or pumpkin flavored desserts, but with the sweetest treat of all: math! 


The mathematical constant pi results from dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter. The ratio found by performing that function for any circle regardless of size is 3.14159265…to infinity, or, simply, pi. Pi is commonly referred to by its first three significant digits, 3.14, and is why Pi Day also happens to be celebrated on the numerical version of the date, March 14th.  

Celebrate this special date in your classroom with a collaborative 5E lesson plan to help middle school students understand the meaning of pi and how it relates to circles. Normally available to paid users only, find this lesson plan for free here in celebration of Pi Day!


Or, if you’d rather create your own assignment, here are some great pi-related games to get you started!


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