Product Update Snapshot

New Features


We’re always working to improve your Legends of Learning experience. Here’s a summary of recent updates!


Student Passwords

You can now set your students’ passwords. If your students are having trouble logging in, you can reset their password or set the password to something you’ll remember!

Student Log In

We updated our student log in to show off some of our favorite avatars!  Students can create and customize their avatars through our new game, Awakening. You can launch Awakening for the classroom from your dashboard!

Timezone Setting

You can now change your timezone from account settings. We know during this time many of you are working from locations across the country, near or far from your students. To make things easier, update your timezone to fit your location!

Game Reviews

We improved our game review feature to make it easier for game developers to receive your feedback. Game developers directly address your feedback to continuously improve our games. We appreciate any chance to improve our educational capabilities, so please review games as often as you can! 

To learn more about our review process, click here.

National Geographic Games

Did you know we partner with educational organizations such as National Geographic? National Geographic uses our games throughout its site. We improved our player experience to fit the range of devices and screens that students are using! Check out a game here.

Defender: Natural Selection snapshot


Small Updates

As always, this update includes other small bug fixes and improvements.



And we have more coming soon! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback at

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