Product Update Snapshot

New Features

We have an exciting new update to share with you all. We recently launched our new parent app! Parents can now track their child’s progress from a dashboard.


Parent Accounts

Connect your account to your child’s. Students who create their accounts at school or at home can now be connected to a parent account. You can view your child’s entire progress through their Awakening game play.

You will need to know your child’s username and password or they can sign in using their google accounts. If you or your child doesn’t remember their username and password, please ask your child’s teacher! We can also assist you at

Track your child’s progress. Parents can view their child’s topic mastery by unit. You can view how they’ve performed at the unit level and dive deeper into each unit to view each topic.

This tracks your child’s progress through Awakening gameplay. Legends of Learning Awakening is an at-home educational experience and you can find out more here.

Small Updates

You may have noticed, but we’ve updated our sign-up and log-in pages! We hope that this new look provides a simpler log-in or sign-up experience.

And as always, this update includes other small bug fixes and improvements.


And we have more coming soon! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback at

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