Physical Science Games

Physical Science

Legends of Learning offers more than 280 physical science games and thousands of assessment items across 35 learning objectives, with each learning objective containing 8-10 interactive games. All of the games are based off of the NGSS curriculum standards for DCIs. Create Your Free Account Today

In-class science experiments give students the opportunity to engage with lessons firsthand. They attach real-life experiences to complex concepts such as chemical reactions and force fields. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for teachers to organize relevant experiments for every lesson, and resources are often limited within school districts. Physical Science games provide a compelling medium for students to enjoy lessons like waves and gravitational force. For teachers, these digital games integrate seamlessly into planned curricula. The games engage students, inspiring them to master content faster and perform better on their tests. Even more exciting for educators, students who play the games start asking more questions and begin discussing lessons with each other. Create a free teacher account to experience the science games and assessment items today!   Create Your Free Account Today

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