Summer Learning Resources

Summer Game-Based Learning Resources
Help keep students learning and prevent summer learning loss with Legends of Learning's FREE game-based activities and STEM competitions

To help schools, parents, and students with summer learning, we’ve created ten (10) weeks of exciting game-based curriculum-aligned activities. We also have game-based offline STEM competitions with great prizes.

This flyer will help you get started.  The Spanish-version of the flyer can be found here.

If a student completes all ten (10) weekly assignments in a grade level by August 31st, 2020, they will be rewarded with an amazing prize and cool new avatar outfit in Legends of Learning Awakening by September 15th, 2020. 


The Summer Learning activities and competitions were made possible through the generosity of the following great partners:



To get started, click on one of the activities below!  If you need help, contact us at


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Week 1 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 2 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 3 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 4 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 5 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 6 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 7 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 8 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 9 Activities (Grades 1-8)

Week 10 Activities (Grades 1-8) 

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