Congratulations! You’ve created your Legends of Learning account, and you’re ready to expand your science teaching superpowers.

How To Get Started In 10 Steps

Here’s how to get started in just ten easy steps:

Step 1: Choose A Subject

Select Earth and Space, Life, or Physical Science.

Step 2: Choose A Learning Objective

Each subject has 26-35 different lessons, or Learning Objectives, each covering a specific science standard.

Step 3: Preview The Games

Each Learning Objective has 7-10 unique games. Click on each game to view teacher reviews, vocabulary words, and discussion questions. You can also play the games yourself, and leave your own ratings!

Step 4: Create A Playlist

Click the orange button above the games to be transported to the playlist building screen.

Step 5: Drag & Drop

Pick your games and drag them into the playlist.

Step 6: Add Assessments

Open up the “Assessments” tab, choose how many questions to include, and add them before, between, or after the games.

Step 7: Customize

Shuffle the order of games and assessments, toggle the playlist’s duration, and give your playlist a name.

Step 8: Launch!

Hit the big green button! You don’t even have to add your students ahead of time; just send them to and give them your teacher code, located at the top of the playlist. (Don’t panic; the “Students” tab will not appear in your account until you’ve launched a playlist and had students join.)

Step 9: Track Student Data

Watch as students progress through the playlist, and see their answers to quiz questions in real time. If you need to stop and review mid-playlist, click the pause button.

Step 10: Download Results

All student answer data gets saved within the playlist for future reference. Download it as a CSV with the click of a button!

Boom! Your science class is now certifiably legendary.

Reach Out To Legends of Learning For More Information

If you have any trouble with these steps, check out helpful hints on the Hall of Knowledge, or don’t hesitate to contact us at


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