Earth Day Activities
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Are you looking for useful Earth Day activities and content that you can plug and play into your lesson plan for next week? Good news. We’ve built a master resource center that offers you a series of content and tools to make your classroom’s Earth Day an engaging meaningful experience:

Here is a little more on each offering:

Earth Day Games

Science games are, of course, one of our favorite such methods. If you’ve ever used Legends of Learning, you know that we have games covering every science lesson.

We asked teachers to share their favorite games that cover Earth Day-related topics, then we made the top 6 Earth Day games available for anyone to play, without requiring a Legends of Learning account. The goal is to spread Earth Day knowledge far and wide by making these resources as available as possible.

Earth Day Activities and Lesson Plans

Teachers across the country have a unique opportunity to engage their students in science this Earth Day.
Along with games, we also wanted to offer more comprehensive lesson materials for your classroom. Scott Beiter, a true education superhero, put together a take-home Energy Efficiency and Conservation project to help students understand the relevance of their everyday lives in the science behind Earth Day.

Caitlin Unterman, another bona fide Legend, built a Water Cycle lesson plan to incorporate Legends of Learning games seamlessly into Earth Day class discussions. Other super teachers have created lesson plans for the rest of the Earth Science subjects offered on our site.

In addition to these teacher-generated resources, we’ve compiled a list of 101 STEM activities (many of which are relevant to Earth Day), plus 35 more Earth Day-specific resources that you can mix and match with your lesson content.

Resources Across the Web

There are countless other phenomenal science resources across the web. We curated some of them into two lists, Earth Day specific activities and general STEM activities that you can use anytime.

Some other organizations we greatly admire have published their own fabulous Earth Day content, such as National Geographic and Earth Day Network. For a more complete list, visit our official Earth Day Activities and Ideas page.

Just as conserving the earth is necessarily a collaborative effort, so too is teaching students about it. We hope you find these resources helpful, and if you have other favorite Earth Day resources, please share them with us!

Earth Day is all about treasuring the world around us and recognizing the importance of preserving it. Learning the science behind all of this is the best way for students to appreciate the vitality of our planet.

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