Live Blogging the Solar Eclipse


As noted here two weeks ago, Legends of Learning will be in Clemson, SC with Cobb County students to watch the total solar eclipse.

We will share photos and updates on Twitter and here via our live blog. Please let us know if you will be watching the solar eclipse. We will share your content, too! And if you are still looking for lesson plan content, visit our solar eclipse page.

4:04 p.m.

We’re editing our photos on the way back from the eclipse. Here is our totality shot, and a close partial eclipse shot.

The eclipse at totality.
The eclipse near totality.
2:20 PM

Checking out the crescent sun

2:00 PM – Clemson, SC

We have arrived and it’s lunch time!

12:45 PM – Georgia/South Carolina border

As we cross over into South Carolina, students are getting geared up with games from the LoL Eclipses and Seasons learning objective!

Playing eclipse games on the way to South Carolina.

Playing eclipse games on the way to South Carolina.
10:30 AM – Interstate 85

Our bus buddies, Diane and Kristen, swagged out in their LoL gear

Teachers on the way to see the eclipse.
9:00 AM – Kennesaw, GA

Our Cobb County crew is ready to head to Clemson!

Students getting ready to see the eclipse.

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