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Life Sciences

Legends of Learning offers more than 230 life science games and thousands of assessment items across 29 learning objectives, with each learning objective containing 8-10 interactive games. All of the games are based off of the NGSS curriculum standards for DCIs.

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By giving students a break from traditional life sciences classroom lectures and letting them explore real-life examples, teachers help students find a deeper appreciation for classroom topics such as biodiversity and the fossil record.

Engaging students with Life Sciences lessons traditionally includes field trips to relevant destinations like zoos and museums. Unfortunately, many schools don’t have the resources for frequent field trips, or are simply too far away. That’s where games come into play.

These games provide students with simulations of underlying principles within the Life Sciences, from organisms and their processes to ecosystems and evolution. They engage students, inspiring them to master content faster and perform better on their tests. Even more exciting for educators, students who play the games start asking more questions and begin discussing lessons with each other.

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