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Legends of Learning’s Learning Universe helps teachers make their classrooms fun, engaging, and productive learning environments. Teachers can access thousands of state curriculum-aligned games for middle and elementary school (grades K-8). The games span almost all the most popular state standards for Math and Science. Legends of Learning’s games align to math and science standards utilized by states across the nation including but not limited to, Common Core, NGSS standards, NGSSS, FL BEST, GSE, TEKS, SOL, TASS and many more.

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Efficacy is a big issue when it comes to online education technology. This is equally true of games as any other digital tool. That’s why Legends of Learning CEO Vadim Polikov conducted original research with Vanderbilt University before launching the company. The report — “Substantial Integration of Typical Educational Games into Extended Curriculum,” published by the Journal of Learning Sciences — demonstrates that game-based learning not only increases student engagement, but also improves content mastery as well as comprehension time.

Interested parties can see a summary of findings via this infographic. The resulting science titles used the Vanderbilt model to create more than 800 short, fun curricula games for the classroom. Since then many teachers like Caitlin Unterman, Scott Beiter, and Lisianna Wilson have experienced similar results in their classrooms.

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