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Boosting School Test Scores with Legends of Learning

Have you ever imagined a classroom where students are begging to do homework? This can become a reality with the award-winning, game-based learning solution that’s turning heads across the country. Keep reading and learn how to improve your test scores with Legends of Learning!

Key Takeaways

  1. Traditional classrooms struggle to keep students engaged, leading to stagnant test scores.
  2. Legends of Learning offers a fun and effective way to boost math and science test scores through game-based learning.
  3. 3 Pillars of Success: Rigorous & standards-aligned games, engaging experiences, and multimodal solutions (games, lessons, assessments).
  4. Studies show students using Legends of Learning games see significant score increases.
  5. Administrators and Educators highlight the platform’s impact on student engagement and learning.
  6. Legends of Learning has been awarded for its educational games and learning design.
  7. Legends of Learning offers a suite of educational multimodal solutions including Learning Universe with over 2,000 curriculum-aligned games for math and science; Math Basecamp, a personalized program for math fact fluency; and Awakening, a multiplayer world with math and science immersive games.
  8. Learning Universe offers a variety of engaging game genres to cater to different learning styles ensuring alignment with state curriculum standards.
  9. Math Basecamp uses a personalized approach to help students master math facts while providing real-time data for teachers to identify areas needing extra help. It also guides students through phases to build a strong foundation in math fluency.
  10. Awakening makes learning fun through a multiplayer world where players can find a vast library of curriculum-aligned games. Students can also personalize the adventure through “Awakening Town” and “Awakening School” environments. It also empowers teachers with data-driven insights on student progress and studies show that using Awakening demonstrates higher scoring.

Now, let’s dive into the Legends of Learning universe!

3 Pillars of Legends of Learning’s Educational Success

Games have long been a medium for learning, and teaching strategic thinking and problem-solving skills through chess, checkers, and other board games. 

Teachers use educational games, like flashcards and puzzles, to help students improve their math, language, and memory skills. Video games have also become popular educational tools in recent years. They engage players in interactive experiences that teach a wide range of subjects, from history to physics. 

These digital games often incorporate complex narratives and simulations, providing immersive environments where learners can apply knowledge in practical and innovative ways. Legends of Learning stands out from other platforms because of three key points: 

1. Rigorous and Standards-Aligned Games:

Legends of Learning has innovated upon the long legacy of games as an educational medium by meticulously crafting engaging games that each target a specific learning standard. This ensures that the skills and knowledge students gain through gameplay align directly with what they need to know according to your state curriculum.

Standards-aligned games also eliminate the struggle of scrambling to find activities that “kind of” fit the curriculum. Teachers can be confident that Teachers can confidently know that every minute immersed in gameplay is focused on learning. 

Legends of Learning games are made to match state standards like Common Core, NGSS, and TEKS. This ensures that the skills and knowledge students gain through gameplay directly contribute to their academic success.

standards-aligned game-based learning  platform
State standards & content library available

2. Engaging Experiences:

Legends of Learning rejects the tired, one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Instead, it relies on engaging learning experiences that capture student interest and boost motivation to derive its power. 

Specifically designed to be fun and interactive, students become active participants, solving problems, making connections, and applying their knowledge in a stimulating environment. No more rote memorization! 

The variety of game genres within our platform caters to diverse learning styles and keeps things fresh. From simulations and puzzles to strategy games and challenges, there’s something to appeal to every student.

As you’ll learn below, research shows that learning through play is enjoyable and effective. When students are having fun, they’re more likely to retain information and develop a deeper understanding of the concepts.

engaging learning experiences
Engaging minigames & learning experiences

3. Multimodal Solutions:

Legends of Learning goes beyond just games. It offers a multimodal solution with a comprehensive toolkit that provides options for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. These resources help teachers accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences, recognizing that students learn in different ways. 

Teachers can access games, lesson plans, videos, assessments, professional development, and reports to customize their teaching. These resources were designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience. 

Multimodal solutions assist students in learning in their preferred style. They also aid teachers in teaching effectively. Additionally, they help track student progress and create an engaging learning environment.

The Results Speak for Themselves: Backed by Research 

You have many choices regarding education technology solutions for your classrooms.  One of the most important features that sets Legends of Learning apart is third-party research which validates its impact on academic performance. 

Studies by WestEd showcase the platform’s effectiveness. In a large-scale study involving over 14,500 students, those who actively engaged with Legends of Learning games in science classes saw significant gains.

Students with high usage (50+ games) experienced a remarkable 23 percentile point increase on their annual science exams, while those with moderate usage (25-49 games) saw a 13 percentile point increase.

These results demonstrate the power of Legends of Learning to make a real difference in student achievement. By embracing multimodal learning tools and GBL experiences, we can transform test score improvement into an engaging adventure for both students and educators.

WestEd study back Legends of Learning results

This WestEd study found that fifth and eighth graders who used Legends of Learning games at least twice weekly showed significantly higher achievement on standardized test scores.

Education Leaders’ Reviews

Testimonials from administrators and teachers have validated the impact that Legends of Learning had on their students.

Dr. Ferleshare Starks, former Science Coordinator at Beaumont Independent School District assessed: “Game-based learning, as featured with Legends of Learning, has had a profound impact on both my students and teachers. The kids look forward to working through the games and to see students’ eagerness to share their adventures tells me we have identified a way to connect and make them feel that success in science is achievable.”

Educator Amy Stafford found many different ways game-based learning impacted her students after working closely for the Game-Based Learning Design Competition: “The Legends of Learning Video Learning Game Challenge appealed to our students because it was focused on a topic that many students love: playing video games!

This challenge allowed their students to experience the video games’ design process, combining collaboration, critical thinking skills, and writing in a way that the students not only enjoyed but excelled in.The engagement, success, and pride these students experienced with their finished products were worth all the time invested and what every teacher hopes to see throughout their teaching career”, Amy added.

Teacher testimonial Legends of Legends
Why our users love us!

Legends of Learning Platform: Awards and Recognition

2024 Codie Award Finalist: Standing out for its innovative learning methods, we competed against top-tier contenders for the Best Educational Game, Best Gamification in Learning, and Best Customer Experience in EdTech awards.

2023 Codie Award Finalist: Competed against top contenders in the Best Educational Game category, demonstrating its innovative and effective approach.

2023 Parent Teacher Choice Award. HowtoLearn.com gave an award to Awakening for engaging students and supporting their learning effectively. The program appeals to both parents and educators.

2022 Codie Award Winner: Legends of Learning has earned the Best Educational Game CODiE award from SIIA for 2022.

Digital Promise Certification: Awarded to Legends of Learning’s Math Basecamp Math Fact Fluency Solution for its research-based design, ensuring the program is grounded in sound educational principles. 

Academic’s Choice Award: Awarded to Legends of Learning’s Awakening game.

legends of learning awards

Unleashing the Power of Play: The Legends of Learning Platform

Each Legends of Learning suite component is designed to transform how students learn math and science. Here’s a closer look at this power trio:

Transforming Education within Awakening

Forget the days of pleading with students to do homework. Schools embracing Awakening, Legends of Learning’s award-winning multiplayer platform for math and science, are witnessing a thrilling transformation. 

Here, homework becomes a genuinely fun adventure, not a chore. But what exactly is Awakening, and how can it revolutionize your classrooms and propel student achievement in math and science?

legends of learning awakening arcade
Students’ avatars at Awakening Arcade

Awakening: Where Learning Becomes an Adventure

Awakening is a multiplayer world filled with curriculum-aligned math and science games. Students can compete with friends, unlock cool avatars, ride their virtual pets, and have a blast while learning. The best part is that Awakening is proven to raise test scores! Here’s why:

  • Excitement Through Game-Based Learning: Awakening leverages the power of game-based learning to make the educational experience intrinsically motivating. Students have fun while mastering vital math and science conceptsA win-win situation – students are happy, and teachers reach their student achievement goals.
  • Research-Backed Results: Fun shouldn’t come at the expense of results. As mentioned before, studies by WestEd and Vanderbilt University show that students who play Awakening games at least twice a week demonstrate significantly higher achievement compared to their peers. Awakening isn’t just about entertainment; it delivers measurable learning outcomes.
  • A Universe of Curriculum-Aligned Games: Awakening boasts a vast library of over 2,000 curriculum-aligned math and science games. Administrators & educators can influence the type of subject matter that students experience! They can also choose the specific grade levels and standards students will interact with, ensuring the games perfectly complement existing lesson plans.
  • Student Choice and Personalization: Students have the freedom to personalize their educational journey by exploring the vibrant world of Awakening, where over 2.5 million players can learn and play together! They can encounter friends in the town, play fun and educational arcade games, and even design their own dream house. Our Adventure Pass lets them explore the uncharted Wilds, or practice their math skills at the Math Basecamp. Back in town, they may want to show off some dance moves on the Playground and access tons of educational curriculum-aligned math and science games at Awakening School.

These dedicated Math and Science Rooms provide a structured environment for students to delve deeper into specific topics through interactive simulations, problem-solving exercises, and targeted activities. 

Whether it’s friendly competition in the arcade or focused practice in the classroom, Awakening empowers students to tailor their gameplay to their preferred learning style and maximize their success.

Self-Expression and Conquer Challenges

Awakening goes further than just gameplay. It allows students to express their individuality. They can unleash their creativity with a seemingly endless selection of avatar clothing and hairstyles. This kind of customization allows students to create and manage more of their learning journey within Awakening.

Data-Driven Insights for Informed Instruction

Awakening empowers teachers with valuable data! When students play,  educators get detailed reports that track their progress. These reports showcase their level of mastery in specific areas, along with the time spent engaging with different standards or topics. This real-time data allows educators to identify areas where students excel and pinpoint any knowledge gaps that may require additional support.

Engage Students with Awakening 

By fostering a fun and engaging environment, Awakening ignites curiosity, promotes collaboration, and empowers students to take ownership of their learning journey. A powerful tool for school districts, that is backed by research, curriculum-aligned, and committed to student engagement.

students and beasties
Beasties that can be collected to ride and battle!

Ready to unleash the power of Awakening in your classrooms? Explore the world!

math basecamp legends of learning logo

An Exciting Journey to Math Fluency: Math Basecamp

Are you struggling with math fact fluency? Math Basecamp is here to save the day! This award-winning platform uses a personalized approach to help students master math facts, from counting basics to real-world applications. 

Furthermore, teachers get real-time data to identify areas where students need extra help.  Math Basecamp’s adaptive learning approach helps ensure students take the learning pathway that fits them best, all with minimal teacher intervention.

Exploring the Phases of Math Basecamp

Unlike traditional methods, Math Basecamp takes a holistic approach to math fact fluency. It can be seen as a journey that involves several crucial stages. 

Math Basecamp guides students through a series of phases designed to build a strong foundation for math fact fluency:

1. Fluency Foundation:

This phase sets the stage for success. Interactive lesson plans and fun games introduce students to key math concepts and strategies. They build their understanding of number relationships and practice counting skills through entertainment activities.

2. Math Fact Mastery:

Here’s where things get personalized! Math Basecamp utilizes an adaptive learning engine. This means the program assesses each student’s understanding and tailors practice exercises accordingly. Students are challenged with facts they haven’t mastered yet while receiving positive reinforcement for those they’ve already conquered.

3. Fluency Application:

Mastery goes beyond memorization! In this phase, students put the facts they have mastered into work. Engaging activities challenge them to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems. This reinforces fact recall while building problem-solving skills and boosting confidence.

teachers block legends of learning

Empowering Teachers with Real-Time Data

Math Basecamp isn’t just about student learning; it empowers teachers to become data-driven legends! Here’s how:

Personalized Learning & Targeted Intervention:

Interactive tables enable educators to see real-time data on assessed and mastered facts for each student, allowing you to identify who needs extra support and who’s excelling. Teachers can also adjust the mastery range by tailoring the difficulty level to suit individual needs. This ensures students are neither bored by repetition nor overwhelmed by too much difficulty.

Early Problem Detection & Proactive Support:

Math Basecamp helps pinpoint students who demonstrate inconsistent practice or struggle with specific facts. This allows educators to intervene early and proactively provide targeted support before problems snowball.

Comprehensive Class Progress Tracking & Strategic Adjustments:

Educators get a bird’s-eye view of class progress through insightful reports summarizing individual and overall student performance. Thus use this data to run strategic instruction adjustments and celebrate student success.

math basecamp
Math Basecamp Game

Math Basecamp is more than just a math fact practice program. It’s a comprehensive solution that empowers students to achieve true mastery and build a strong foundation for future math success. 

Personalized learning, data-driven insights for teachers, and a fun, engaging approach make Math Basecamp a powerful tool that helps school districts boost test scores, build math confidence, and see their students succeed!

Ready to see this powerful, multimodal education tool in action? Visit the Math Basecamp website to learn more!

Learning Universe

Learning Universe: Where Excitement and Rigor Unite

Picture a classroom alive with activity, not the restless kind, but the focused hum of minds tackling math and science concepts. This isn’t a dream scenario – it’s the reality for schools that adopted Learning Universe by Legends of Learning.

This one-stop shop for over 2,000 curriculum-aligned math and science games, lessons, and assessments is crafted by experts and designed to be fun and informative. 

It’s known that rote memorization can be dull and ineffective. Instead, game-based learning solutions offer unique instructional experiences that are as exciting as they are rigorous. 

Learning Universe provides a rich tapestry of experiences, ensuring there’s something to spark curiosity in every student. Each meticulously crafted game seamlessly integrates with your existing curriculum, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches for relevant activities. 

Students can become explorers, strategists, and problem-solvers, transforming learning into a mind-blowing adventure. 

A global network of game studios and instructional designers collaborate with Legends of Learning to create these games, ensuring a high-quality experience that is both educational and captivating. 

Since we source game experiences from the best studios worldwide, we offer students a variety of fresh and engaging experiences. Poorly rated games are automatically removed from our system, ensuring only the best remain active. 

Additionally, all games undergo thorough checks by our in-house educational experts to ensure they are curriculum-aligned and of the highest quality.

A World Filled with Educational Topics:

The sheer variety of topics available in Learning Universe is mind-boggling. From exploring the intricacies of the rock cycle to discovering every corner of our solar system, and deeply understanding how photosynthesis works, there’s something that generates curiosity in every student. Here’s just a taste of the exciting game themes you’ll find:

  1. Climate Change Games
  2. Scientific Method (Elementary & Middle School) 
  3. Math Games
  4. Earth’s Systems: Rocks, Resources, and Water Science Games   
  5. Earth’s Systems: Wind and Water Science Games   
  6. Physical Science
  7. Rock Cycle Games   
  8. Weather Science Games
Angry Birds’ Eggstraction

In June 2023, Legends of Learning partnered with Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the runaway hit Angry Birds franchise, to bring these popular characters and landscapes into the world of education through a series of engaging games. 

These games leverage the fun and familiar aspects of Angry Birds while incorporating elements like problem-solving and interactive gameplay to teach students important STEM concepts.

Discover the latest games of this amazing collaboration: Solar Smash! & Eggstraction, and the Multiplication Portal!

Learning Universe is a gateway to a more engaging and effective learning experience for all students. With its research-backed approach, curriculum alignment, and commitment to fun, it’s a powerful tool that can elevate your school’s learning environment. Ready to Unlock its Power?

Try Learning Universe and discover how it can help your students reach their full potential!

A Multimodal Solution for Rising School Test Scores in Districts

School districts need a new approach to address stagnant and, in some cases, declining test scores. Legends of Learning offers a comprehensive solution to reignite student engagement and propel achievement. This engaging platform utilizes multimodal learning tools, transforming classrooms into dynamic environments where students become active participants in their own education.

Multimodal education offers a toolbox full of fun and exciting ways to learn:  math & science games (K-8), lesson plans, videos, assessments, professional development support, and reports – there’s something for every learner! This variety keeps students interested and helps them remember things better. It’s not just about memorizing facts; students also learn valuable skills like complex problem-solving and teamwork. 

Multimodal Learning get the facts
Click the button to get a complete Multimodal Learning Infographic!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Legends of Learning offers a comprehensive suite of educational tools designed to transform the way students learn math and science. But with so many features and functionalities, you might have some questions. Here, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Legends of Learning:

  1. What Subjects Does Legends of Learning Cover?

Legends of Learning focuses on igniting a passion for math and science in students from kindergarten to eighth grade (grades K-8). With over 2,000 curriculum-aligned games at your fingertips, you can cater to a wide range of topics and learning objectives.

  1. Are the Games Aligned with State Standards?

Absolutely! Legends of Learning understands the importance of curriculum alignment. Our games are meticulously crafted to target specific state standards, including popular frameworks like Common Core, NGSS, and TEKS. This ensures that the skills and knowledge students gain through gameplay directly contribute to their academic success.

  1. How Wide is the Range of Topics Covered?

The beauty of Legends of Learning lies in its variety. We offer games that span almost all the most popular state standards for math and science. From basic arithmetic and counting in elementary grades to complex scientific concepts like climate change and the solar system in middle school, there’s something to engage every student’s curiosity and instructor’s educational priority.

  1. How Can I Find the Right Games for My Students?

Legends of Learning’s user-friendly platform makes finding the perfect games for your students easy. You can search by grade level, specific standards, or even keywords. We also offer pre-curated collections that align with popular curriculum units, saving you valuable time and effort.

Ready to Explore the World of Legends of Learning?

With its vast library of engaging games, curriculum alignment, and commitment to student success, Legends of Learning is a powerful tool that can transform your classrooms. Visit our website to explore the full range of games and discover how Legends of Learning can help your students achieve their full potential!

Are you interested in Leveling Up Your School’s Success?

Legends of Learning is more than just games – it’s a powerful product suite that can transform your classrooms and boost student test scores. It provides you with a variety of engaging options, with research-backed results, that will make your students happy. A win-win for everyone!

Visit our website to learn more and see how Legends of Learning can help your school district take learning to the next level!

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